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Agapanthus in Glass Jug
All Set for Lunch
An Ocean of His Love Floods Through Me
Antique Hot Water Jug
Antique Jug
Arranged Passion
Arum Lilies in enamel jug
Arum Lilies in Jug
Arums in Copper Vase
Blue Chair & Oranges Vivid Pastel
Blue Jug with Icons
Blue Jug with Red Poppies
Blue Still Life
Cat and Petunias
colour & light II
Come, Drink
Copper and Glass
Copper Jug and Oranges
Cutting the rug
Earthern Jar
enamel 2 SET OF 2
enamel 4 SET OF 4
Enamel a La Provence
Enamel and Chillies 1
Enamel and Chillies 2
Enamel and Chillies 3
Enamel and Chillies 4
Enamel Cofee Jug Protea(2)
Enamel Jug
Enamel jugs from Grandma
First Irises
Flowers and Fruit
Flowers in an Old Jug
Flying Platter
From My Corner
Fruit and Flowers
Granny's Kitchen
Home & Garden
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
Jug and Apples
Jug of Daisies
Jug with Flowers
Last winter Blooms
Lavender Flowers in An Enamel Bucket
Lavender Flowers in an Enamel Jug
Lemons and Enamel
Lilies in Enamel Jug
Loud Ladies
Margueritas (White Daisies)
Meadow (jug and 6 tumblers)
My Study
Old Beaker in Bucket
Old Jug on Ladder
On the kitchen table
Pears and Nasturtiums
Pewter Jug with Roses
Pink Roses in Jug
Pitcher with flowers
Pomegranates and Blue Jug
Pomegranets nr 1
Poppies (jug and 6 tumblers)
Poppies On My Table
Poppy Field (jug and 6 tumblers)SOLD
Protea in Jug
Red Cherries
Roses in Enamel Jug
Rustic Enamel Jug
Rusty jug
Saint Joseph Lilies, Tulips, apple on a table
Salad Days
Silver Jug and Plums
Still Life
Still Life
Still Life
Still Life - Dining Out
Still Life Foil
Still Life with Apples
Still Life With Blue Jug
Still Life With Clay Jug
Still Life with Pomegranates
Still Life with Wild Pea Blossom
Strawberry Ripple
Strawberry Shake 1
Strawberry Shake 2
Strelitzias in Blue Vase
Summer Mischief
Sunflowers and Iris
The Green Jug
The Water Jug
Tin Trio
Velvet Elegance
Villeroy And Boch Jug
Warm Friendship
Washin Up
White Enamel
White Flowers in a White Jug
White Jug
White Jug and Cup
White Jug with Flowers
Wild Flowers in an old Jug
Woman Pours Water
Wood and Glass
Yellow Jug

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