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Bright and Beautiful
Cosmos of Proteas
Crowns of Your Creation
Finest Crown (Pincushion flower)
Fog on Table Mountain II
Fynbos 15, Koningsprotea
Fynbos 16, KoningsproteaSuikerbekki
Fynbos 33, Breeblaar Suikerbos
Fynbos 34, Protea Dramamontana
Fynbos 44, Leucadendron Xanthoconus
Fynbos 45, Nerine Sarniesis
Fynbos 46, Protea Aurea
Fynbos 47, Protea Caffra
Fynbos 48, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 49, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 50, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 52, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 53, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 54, Protea Dracomontana
Fynbos 55, Protea Effusa
Fynbos 56, Protea Eximia
Fynbos 57, Protea Obtusifolia
Fynbos 58, Protea Ordorata
Fynbos 59, Protea Roupelliae
Fynbos 60, Protea Roupelliae/Lepelsu
Fynbos 68, Blushing Bride
Fynbos 69, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 70, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 71, Giant Protea
Fynbos 72, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 73, Protea Susannae
Fynbos 74, Leucadendron Salignum
Fynbos 79, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 80, Eximia
Fynbos 81, Protea Sylvia
Fynbos 82, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 83, Protea Aristata
Fynbos 84, Protea Cynoroides
Fynbos 86, Leocospermum Patersonii
Fynbos 90, Protea Minor Compton
Fynbos 91, Eastern Ground Sugarbush
Fynbos 92, Spoon-bract Sugarbush
Fynbos 93
Fynbos 94, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 95, Protea Barbigera
Girl with King Proteas Beetles and Bird
In Love with the King
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea Study
King Proteas
Kissed in a Field of White
Leocadendron 'Blessing'
Leocadendron 'Flow'
Madiba and Friends
Magnificent Red Protea
Pink Protea
Pink Protea A
Pink Protea B
Protea and Sun Bird
Protea in Pink
Protea monotype, 'Fullness'
Protea monotype, 'Grace'
Protea monotype, 'Simplicity'
Protea on Glass
Protea Sylvia (with Sea-Blue)
Protea with Leocadendrons (Sea-Blue)
Proteas in Blue Bowl
Royal Flush
Sugarbush (Protea bush)
Two baobabs
Zen Experiments - King Proteas

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