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Adam and Eve
Africa Land of Beauty #2
Africa Land of Beauty #4
African jewels Diptych
African Landscape 1 Abstract
African Landscape 2 Abstract
Alerted lioness
Apple and Pear
Baobab Sentinels
Birdman #2 PRINT
Birdwoman #2 in Metal 1/1
Birdwoman #3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Blue flowers
Compo 1 & 2 with Lines Abstract in Metal
Composition 2 & 3 with Red in Metal
Earth Maiden #2 in Metal 1/1
European Bee-Eaters
Female Figure 1 in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Female Figure 2 in Metal 1/1
Fire & Ice 2 Abstract Painting
Follow Me
Girl with doll and pram
Harp Maiden #2 in Metal 1/1
Incensed Love
Just me
Konyha Szerelem
Leopard Cub
Leopard Pair
Leopard Up-Close
Masks 2 Tribal Painting
Mauve Vase 1 & II
Night Hunt
Nude Figure #1 in Metal 1/1
Nude Figure #2 in Metal 1/1
Old Couple
Patterns 1 in Metal 1/1
Patterns 2 in Metal 1/1
Patterns 6b in Metal 1/1
Patterns in Moonlight 2 Abstract
Patterns in Sand 1
Patterns in Sand 2
Pension Day 2
Princes of the Plain
Quiver Tree #2 in Metal 1/1
Rhino 02
Rose Pair
Street Dancing
The Horses
Total Attraction
Two Daisies
Two Trees in Metal 1/1
Unique Collection
Warthog 2 Charcoal Sketch
Water Front
White Rhino 2 Charcoal Sketch
White Rhinoceros
Zebra Couple

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