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After the Meeting
Anne Schaffer
Annes sister
Ashley Pearce
Baby Boaz
Ballet 1
Cape Town View II
Daena in bath
Dancing Africa
Denims and Tekkies
Duo Link R
Durban Family Home
Durban View II
Flamenco 1
Flamenco 2
Flamenco 3
German Sheppard profile
Guiding hands
Happy Land III
Holy Land II
I am the Boss
Jen Jen
Joburg View II
Kims son
Land of Light III
Late Mr Padayachee
Lauren Pearce
Lesson Time
Lex and Nick
Light of Love
Lucy 2
Mandela and three tenors
Mother and Child
Mr Giustino
Mrs Oliver's Pride and Joy
Mrs Walsh's Grandchildren
My Child's Life
Natalie Shannon
New Life
Normas daugh and sil
normas fam 1
Normas fam 2
Normas fam 4
Normas fam3
Nyala Cows - Ladies in waiting
Parting (Family)
Pet Pals
Peter James
Pink and White Rose 1
Pink White Rose 2
Red Rose 1
red rose2
Searching for the city IV
Singing Queens
small boy
small girl
Sunrise Song
Sunshining Day
Tammy Pearce
The Boss
The Men in My Life - a Tribute to Marilyn Munroe
The Three of Us
Village Life IV
Village Mothers II
Vivs pets
Wall of Joy
Wall of Joy III
Water Music
Wilson Sisters
young Peter
Zanes boy
Zebra's Love II

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