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Lynda Cookson

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"Cookies for Tea"
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Cookies for Tea
US$ 87

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US$ 413

"Daisies in a Portuguese Jug"
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Daisies in a Portuguese Jug
US$ 96

"Jug of Daisies"
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Jug of Daisies
US$ 85

"Sky Blue"
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Sky Blue
US$ 74

"Winter Ballet"
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Winter Ballet
US$ 413

"Blue Vase"
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Blue Vase
US$ 128

"Pink Ballet Shoes"
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Pink Ballet Shoes
US$ 571

"Sophia's Pointes"
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Sophia's Pointes
US$ 785

"Lost 'n Loving It!"
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Lost 'n Loving It!
US$ 128

"Rock Abstract"
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Rock Abstract
US$ 142

"Wild Country"
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Wild Country
US$ 65

"After Twirling"
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After Twirling
US$ 428

"Birds Against the Sun"
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Birds Against the Sun
US$ 142

"Breaking Through"
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Breaking Through
US$ 142

"Green Apple and Daffodils"
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Green Apple and Daffodils
US$ 179

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Lynda Cookson

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About Lynda

Lynda Cookson

I am a Creative Painter and I concentrate on capturing the positive energy of my subject. I work on creating a sense of freedom, although there is a certain element of structure to what I do. My intention is for my paintings to elicit a sense of upliftment ... and joy!

Using colour, movement and the life essence of my subject, I work with the 'behind music'; I am conscious of the masks of protection and the layers of learning that people develop and build up through their lives and I work with how they disguise themselves and learn to live with their masks and layers; how they achieve their level of wisdom.

The analogy of the behind-music, is all the parts of a symphony concert in their separate forms; all the patterns of sound, the individual notes, the individual instruments, the emotions elicited, the energy expended and the people involved, which unite to make the complete piece of music so beautiful, soul-reaching, acceptable and exciting to listeners.

The parallel is the lives people are living, learning and sculpting to make themselves better and more wise; to make themselves more beautiful, valuable and acceptable to the society they belong in, while still coping with the energy needed to smooth out every-day stresses in meeting their challenges.

The manifestation of my philosophy can be found in the many layers of colour peeping through and giving life to my subjects. I prefer to mix colours on the canvas, allowing their purity to dictate, and only occasionally to mix colours on the palette before application.

True inspiration comes when I am excited by a subject to the point of sleeping badly at night and being excited to get up early in the morning to get to the canvas. I use oils on artist-prepared stretched linen canvas or linen-covered board, occasionally using my own handmade paper and various fabrics for texture beneath the paint. I like the surface to have a tooth and much of my work is done with palette knives. I tend to be a colourist and build up layers of pure colour often allowing the lower layer to show through, giving movement and life to the painting.

Once the painting is complete it's important for me to be impelled to look at it again and again and to feel the butterflies of pleasure in what has been created - otherwise I paint over it!'

Updated December 2016

Price Range

US$ 53-1,785



Since 2011, many exhibitions in Ireland and recently some in Brittany in France, but I work mainly with galleries in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

July 2011 : Solo exh, D'Arcy Suite, Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway
October 2010 : Solo exhibition, Ballybane Library, Galway
August 2010 : Solo exhibition, St Patrick's Trian, Armagh, NI
July 2010 : Solo exh, D'Arcy Suite, Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway
July 2010 : Group exh, Moycullen SC, Galway
April 2010 : "Tea 'n Turps" Gallery 23, Kinsale
December 2009 : "Tea 'n Turps", SqSpace Gallery, Belfast, NI
December 2008 : Christmas Exhibition, SqSpace Gallery, Belfast, NI
December 2008 : Christmas Exhibition, Bold Art Gallery, Galway
September/October 2008 : 'About 12' group exhibition, SqSpace Gallery, Belfast, NI
September/October 2008 : Solo exhibition, Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain
July 2008 : Solo exhibition for Galway Arts Festival at Radisson SAS
Hotel, Galway 'Dancing In Sunshine'
August 2008 : Solo exhibition for Galway Race Week at Radisson SAS
Hotel, Galway 'Taking Equestrian Art into the 21st
December 2007 : Angela Woulfe Gallery, Limerick
March 2007 : Anton's Café, Galway
December 2006 : Christmas Group Exhibition, Bold Gallery, Galway
September 2006 : Solo Exhibition, Fisheries Tower, Galway
July 2006 : The River Walk Exh, Project 06/Galway Arts Week
August 2006 : Solo Exhibition, Airfield Trust, Dublin
March 2006 : Group exhibition, Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain
March 2006 : Group exhibition 8x8, Fisheries Tower, Galway
February 2006 : Group exhibition, Bold Art Gallery "Floral Collage"

Dec 2005 : Represented Ireland at Florence Biennale, Italy

October 2005 : Munch, Woodquay, Galway
Aug 2005 : Solo Exhibition : St Patrick's Trian, Armagh City
June 2005 : Art in the West, Galway
May 2005 : Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain
Feb to end May 2005 : Original Oil Print Collection at Central Bank, Dublin

Nov 2004 : Art Ireland Autumn Collection, Dublin
Nov 2004 : Athenry, Co. Galway, Group exhibition
June, Aug, Sept 2004 : People's Art, St Stephen's Green, Dublin
June/July 2004 : Woman's Panorama Exh, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa
May 2004 : Art Ireland Summer Collection, Dublin

April/May 2003 : Inst Exh "Crossing/Knotting", Nordbahnhof Stn, Berlin
July to Oct 2003 : The Boat Inn, Oughterard, Co Galway
Nov 2003 : Galway Library, Solo Exhibition

1999 to 2001 : Various venues in Johannesburg, Greyton and
Cape Town, in South Africa; and Swakopmund in


Various courses in South Africa and Ireland

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