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3 Green Apples
3 Red Apples
A Shelf in My Pantry
A Table Set for Apples
All My Dreams
An Interior - Still Life With Teapot
Apple Basket
Apples - Three is a crowd
Apples And Blue Bottle
Apples and Oranges
Apples and Oranges
Apples In Basket
Apples in Blue Bowl
Apples in Silver Bowl
Apples in Urn with Blue Background
Apples Still Life
Balancing Act
Biiig Apple
Binary Apples
Bottles and Apples
Bowl of apples
Bowl of Apples on a Red Cloth
Candles, Presents & Apples
Ceramic and Fruit
Cezanne inspired
Chef's Table
Copper Pot with Apples
Delicious apples
Delicious Green
Duo of Apples
Enamel Bowl and Apples
Enjoy the Fruit
Europe Meets Africa I
Eve share the temptation
First Temptation
Floating Apples
Forbidden Fruit
Fresh From the Orchard
Freshly Cut 2
Fruit and Pitcher
Fruit Bowl
Fruit Collection
Fruit Four (4 Small Paintings)
Fruit Salad Display
Geraniums and Apples
Green Wine
Handle with Care
Harvesting Apples
Harvesting on Ladder
Jug and Apples
Jug and Green Apples
Just Joey
Kitchen Scene - Pantry
Les Pommes - Cezanne
Miniature- Basket of Plenty
One Lemon and Granny Smith Apples
Orchard Beauties
Pink Tablecloth
Red Apple
Red Apples
Red Apples
Red Apples
Red Fruit Bowl
Scale and Apples Still Life
Scale with Apples
Seven red, two yellow
Silver Apple
Still life
Still Life
Still Life
Still life - after Cezanne
Still Life - Dining Out
Still Life I
Still Life Jugs and Fruit
Still Life of Red Apples
Still Life with apples
still life with apples
Still Life With Apples
Still Life With Apples
Still Life With Apples
Still Life with Cabbage
still life with lilies
still life with lillies
Still life with red hibiscus
Summer bouquet
Sunday afternoon
Sunflowers, Apples, Cherries and Melons
Table with Apples Set 1/2
Tea for Two
The Apple Pickers
The owl in the old orchard
The Still Live
The Valley
Toffee Apples
Truth / Apples
Two Bright Apples and a Daisy
Two Oranges
Walking on the Farm Road
Weigh Less
Yellow Roses /Geel rose

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