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"Great Acts Are Made Up Of Small Deeds" - Lao Tz
"The More We Meditate On Good Thoughts, The Bett
"Those Who Know Contentment Are Rich" -Lao Tzu
2009 Memory of a Vision - Digital
A Good Day
A Mystical Place - Digital
Adam and Eva
All the World's a Stage - Digital
Ancient World - Digital
Autumn Dream - Digital
Before the Beginning of Time - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 1 - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 2
Boiling Clouds
Carnival in Rio
Catching the Light
Celestial Procession - Digital
Chinese Lady
Circles, Cycles and Seasons- Digital
Contemplation - Digital
Dreaming - Digital
Early Spring Landscape - Snow Mountain
Eden - Digital
Embrace the World - Digital
Escaping The Storm
EW 741
Fata Morgana
Five Loaves and Two Fishes - Digital
Genesis - Digital
Gifts of the Sea - Digital
Giselle 1
Giselle 2
Giselle 4 Shoe
Giselle 5
Giselle 6
Glencairn to Fishoek
Grace In The Garden
Graffiti Is Art 3/10
Graffiti Is Art 5/10
Green vase with mixed florals
Happy Birthday To You …
Happy Hour - Digital
Harvest Time
Hercules - Digital
In Balance - Digital
In His Garden
In Memory of the Fallen
In Praise of Creation 1 - Digital
In Praise of Creation 2 - Digital
In the Cave of the Hands
In the Wild - Digital
Inspiration - Digital
Life Seems to Go Without Effort When We Are Filled with Music
Lilac Mist
Lovers - Digital
Madiba Blues
Memories of the Beginning of Time
Memories of When Time Began - Digital
Mountain Raingod - Digital
Mystic Synergy - Digital
Namaste - Digital
New Horizon
Night Life - Digital
Nude on the Beach
Once Were Angels - Digital
Pandora - Digital
Reflections - Digital
rose with inspiration
Sea of Tranquility - Digital
Song of Creation
Spring Flowers - Digital
Still Life with Bird - Digital
Tangled Light
Tenacious Spirit
The Crystal Desert
The Dream of Peace
The Final Voyage of the Liberated Souls
The Guardian of the Stones 2
The Guardians of the Stones 1
The Kingdom Within - Digital
The Lovers - Version 4
The Magical Voyage of the Old Souls - Digital
The Magus - Digital
The Red Necklace - Digital
The Voyage of the Old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Voyage of the old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
Three Winds Blowing
To Catch a Star - Digital
Torii Tree - Digital
Triumph and Defeat - Digital
Triumph and Defeat 2 - Digital
Tuscan Fantasy 1
Tuscan Fantasy 2
Walking in Namaqualand - Digital
Waris Dirie
Welwichia . Namib Desert - Digital
What a Wonderful Day - Digital
When Time Began
Window to the Soul 3
Within Within
Woman in Light and Shade
X Marks the Spot L

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