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A Chinese Jewel
A Taste of Japan
Acrylic Ink Koi
Acrylic Ink Koi on Canvas 2
Blue (Set of 4)
Color Blast
Color Burst
Colourful Splash
Endless Blessings (Abstract)
Feeding Time
Feeding Time
First Prize 1
First Prize 2
Five Koi
Flowing Color
Harmonious Movement
Jewels of the Pond
Koi and Goldfish
Koi and Waterlilies
Koi Fish 2
Koi Fish no 1
Koi Fish No. 16
Koi Fish no. 2
Koi Fish No. 3
Koi Fish No. 4
Koi No. 8
Koi Pond
Monotone Koi Fish No. 1
Monotone Koi Fish No. 2
Moving Colors
Rainbow in the Water
Seishin Nishikigoi
The Pond
Three Koi
To Conform...1 -SOLD
To Conform...2
To Conform...3
Two koi

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