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Aqueous Ambience
Destroying the Future
Dialogue in Stereo
Fat Goth
Gift of Life
Giselle 1
Giselle 2
Giselle 4 Shoe
Giselle 5
Giselle 6
Lady in Blue
Large Suspended Animation 2- 3092
Liquid Horizon
Liquid Light
Liquid Silver I
Man From Wonderland
Medicine For My Lemon Man
Moving On
Night Time Swimming
Of Tall Trees and Vanity
Redneck Army
Reflections, Part 1
Reflections, Part 13
Reflections, Part 14
Reflections, Part 15
Reflections, Part 16
Reflections, Part 17
Reflections, Part 18
Reflections, Part 2
Reflections, Part 3
Relax With A Cuppa Java
Solids and Liquids
Sunglow Suspended Animation 1 - 3108
The Elements
Trees In Their Fluid State
Two Worlds
Unpredictable Splash
Water Splashes in 3pieces

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