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Happy Chat
10 whites
2 Lilies
3 Flowers in vase
556 Gordon Bay Boats
557 Gordon Bay Boats
559 Boat Tailwalker
648 Jasmine
650 Orchids
651 White Daisy
653 Yellow Lilies
7 St. Stephens Street Cottage
A Feast in Bloom
A Rose For My Love
A Selection of Arum
A Splatter of Florals
A Step Up
A Table Set for Apples
A Vase of Cosmos Flowers
a4 Deep red acents
A5 Floral
a6 Floral
Abstract Flowers Blue
Abstract Flowers Pink
Abstract Roses
Abstract Sunflower
Abstract Vases
Abundance of poppies
Addo Elephant Waterhole
African Harbour
After Degas
All the Bright Flowers
Ambiente Province
An Interior - Still Life With Teapot
And the Fifth Rose is for You
Anita 's Flowers
Antique Vase
Ao Nang beach
Apartheid Sunflowers
Arise Porcelain Vase Big
Arise Porcelain Vase Small
Around the Knots
Arranged Passion
Arrangement with Poinsettia
Arranging Roses
Art Deco Vase
Artichoke Bloom at the Kitchen
Arum 1
Arum Lilies
Arum Lilies
Arum Lilies and Apples
Arum Lilies in a Vase
Arum Lilies in Glass Vase
Arum Lilies with Fruit
Arums from my Garden
Arums in a Vase
Arums in Copper Vase
As you like it!
At Sea
At the Kitchen Table
Autumn Creeps In - Leopard
Autumn flowers with Leeloo
Be My Valentine
Beached Yacht
Beautiful Green Vase
Belle Rose
Bernhard Diebold
Big 5
Big White Flowers
Bird Vase
Birds of Paradise
Birthday Bouquet
Black Vase & Flowers
Blocks and Roses
Blom waar jy geplant is
Blomme Musiek - Flower Music
Blomme vir Heidi
Blooming 1
Blooming 2
Blossoms 3
Blossoms on White Background
Blou blik blompot
Blouberg view
Blue & White Vase with Lemons
Blue Candles with Orchid
Blue Cape
Blue Chair & Oranges Vivid Pastel
Blue flowers
Blue Flowers in a Vase
Blue Hydrangeas
Blue Hydrangeas
Blue Jug with Lemons
Blue Jug with Oranges
Blue Room
Blue Still Life
Blue Still life
Blue Vase
Blue Vase
Blue Vase - Pomegranate
Bobbing Boat
Bohemian Kitchen Still Life 2
Bon Voyage
Books and Flowers
Boulders Beach, Cape Town
Breakfast in Studio
Bright and Beautiful
Bright Flowers in a pot
Bright Flowers in Vase
Bright Roses
Bright Roses 2
Bright Roses 3
Broken vase
Burnt to Beauty
Buttress Storm - Free State
Bygone Era
Cala Lilies in Vase
Calm Moorings
Cat with nasturtuims
Cats and Rabbits
Ceramic Vases
Cezanne inspired
Clay Pot 1
Clay Pot 2
Clay Pot 3
Clay Pot 4
Clay Pot with Fruit
Clay Sculpture #2
Clay Sculpture #7
Cloud Nine
Colleen's Roses
coloured flowers
Coming Home - Triptych
Coming Home on the Tide
Contemporary Bottles
Cool White
Copper Jug and Oranges
Cosmos in glass vase
Creamy Coffee
Crimson Bouquet
Crown Petals
Daisies in Vase
Daisies with other Flowers and Fruit
Dawn Crossing - Maun
Dawn Roses
Daylilies with Oranges on White Cloth
Dee's Delights
Delft Beker
Delft green vase with peonies still life
Delft Vase
Desert beauty
Desolate Vase
Dhow Mozambique
Divine Intervention
Durban Yachts
Dusk Roses
Eagle Swooping - Fish Eagle
Echoes of Summer
End of Summer
Ethnic Pot and Plate Painting
Evening on Castletown Harbour
Evening Tide
Everlasting Joy Nasturtiums
Everything is Possible, Saldanha Bay
Exotic 3
Exuberant Flowers
Fading Flowers
Fat Blue Vase
Favourite Chair
Fish Eagle
Five Hibiscus in Primaries
Floral Harmony
Florals - New beginnings 1
Flower 2
Flower For My King
Flower For The King
Flower in Vase
Flower in Vase
Flower in Vase IV
Flower pot abstract
Flower pot II
Flower still life
Flower Study
Flower Study I
Flower Study II
Flowers 4 U
Flowers 5
Flowers 6
Flowers and Fruit
Flowers for a Friend
Flowers for the Home
flowers for you
Flowers Forever
Flowers from Knocktopher
Flowers in a Blue Vase
Flowers in a Chinese Vase
Flowers in Cut Glass
Flowers in Glass Vase
Flowers in pink and grey
Flowers in vase
Flowers in Vase
Flowers in Vase
flowers in vase
Flowers in Vase
Flowers In Vase
Flowers in Vase I
Flowers in Vase Ii
Flowers in Vase III
Flowers Pink
Flowers with Shadow
Flowers With Yellow Background
Flying Platter
For God and Jesus' Glory: From Mom' s Garden
For U Dahling
Freedom To Fly
Freesias in a Blue Vase
French Floral
Freshly Picked
Fruit and Tulips
Gathering Storm
Geometric Arum Lily
Geometrical Florals
Gerberas on green
Girl Reaching for Fallen Flower Vase
Girl, Beach and Ship
Glass Vase 3
Glasses and Goblets
Gluepot, Castletown Harbour
Granger Bay at Dawn
Grapes with Flower Scarf
Greed King has doubts
Green Apple and Daffodils
Green Ice
Green Mandala Plate
Green Still Life
Green Vase
Green vase with mixed florals
Grey Vase with Red Lilies
Hear the Music Tulips
Hearts Delight
Hello Summer Tulips
Hibiscus in Vase
High and Dry
High Tea
Houtbay Harbour
Hydrangeas and Lemons
Hydrangeas I
I Am Sailing
I want to Flower where You Plant Me
In the Mood
Inner Harbour, Castletown
Irises in Glass Vase
Its Raining Outside
Jan van Storms
Japonicas Ref 279
Jug of Daisies
Just Joey
Just Roses
Kappertjies in blou pot
King Of Letaba - Kudu Bull
King's Protea
La Lune Fleurit
La Vie en Rose
Lady in Blue
Last Light Warmth - leopard
Lavenders, Camomiles & Pretty Pinks
Lemon rose
Let me Flower, Lord
Letaba River - Elephant
Lilies and African Vase
Lilies Squared 1
Lily and Bible
Lily Vase
Lime & Twine
Linen and Lace
Little Vase of Roses
Lone Sunflower
Lone Yacht
Lone Yachtsman
Loud Ladies
Love Letters
Luscious Roses
Mabula Male - Buffalo
Madame le Rose
Made Beautifully
Magic Garden
Magnolia in Vase
Magnolias in Vase 1
Magnolias in Vase 2
Margueritas (White Daisies)
Mauve Vase 1 & II
Mello Yello
Miniature-Three Red Proteas
Misty Harbour
Mixed Bunch
Mixed Flowers on Blue
Mixed flowers With Hydrangeas
Moody Hues 2
Moody Hues 3
Moon Wall Flowers Snake
Mopani Kudu
My Favourite
My Study
Nasturtiums in a Glass Bottle
Nebby - Sea View Lion
New Roses with Bleeding Heart
Nude With a Vase
Nude woman reclining
Ocean View 1
Ocean View 2
Ocean View Diptych
Oh Sweet Time
Old Paradigm Dissolving
Old Rose Pink
Old vase with flowers
Old-Fashioned Arrangement
On My Shelf
On Target - Fish Eagle
Only a Rose
Orange Stillife
Oval Porcelain Bowl
Pals for Tea
Pam's Rose
Path Stone Wall & Flowers
Pear and Red Flowers
Pearl Milk
Peonies in Oriental Vase
Perfect in Pewter
Peu de Fleurs 2
Peu de Fleurs 3
Peu de Fleurs 4
Pick a Bunch
Pine Apple Paul
Pink Flowers
Pink Flowers on Whit B/ground
Pink Hydrangeas
Pink Poppies
Pink Romance
Pink Rose 1
Pink Rose 2
Pink roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses in Vase
Pink Roses on White b/ground
Pink Roses with Peaches
Pomegranates Balanced
Poppies 1
Poppies 4
Poppies in the White Vase
Poppies in vase
Poppies No.3
Poppy Love
Poppy's in Vase 1
Porcelain Frilly Bowl
Porcelain Vase Big
Porcelain Vase Small
Portrait With Vase and Flowers
Pots & Blooms 1
Pots & Blooms 2
Pots & Blooms 3
Pots and Berries
Protea 7
Protea Arrangement
Protea in Bowl
Proteas III
Proteas in Copper Vase
Proteas in Vase
Proteas with a Cat
Quietness of Dawn
Racy Reds
Ready, Steady ... Cook.
Reaping the Rewards
Red and Yellow Tulips
Red Bouquet 5
Red Bouquet 6
Red flower in vase
Red Flowers
Red Flowers in Bloom LOST/STOLEN
Red Flowers in Blue Pot
Red Flowers in Vase No.1 Ref 271
Red Gladioli
Red Hibiscus
Red Hill Pewter Vase
Red Parade
Red Petunias
Red Roses in Cylinder Vase
Red Tulips in Blue Vase
Red Tulips on Plain Background
Red Vase With Single Lily
Red Wine Evening!
Red, Cat and Glass Vase
Rhino and Mt Hangklip
Romance and Passion
Rooi Seiljag 20081130
Rooms with Views
Rose arrangement
Rose Flush 1
Rose Flush 2
Rose Romance
Rose Sorbet
Roses and Figs Still Life
Roses and Fruit Still Life
Roses and Tulips
Roses and Vase
Roses for Annemarie
Roses for Louise
Roses from Abbotsford
Roses from the South
Roses in a Glass Vase
Roses in a Window Sill
Roses in an Antique Teapot
Roses in Full Bloom
Roses in Glass Vase
Roses in Pink and White
Roses in Vase
Roses in Vase
Roses in vase
Roses inPpink
Roses on Blue Pot
Roses on Round Table
Sailing in the Sunset 2
Sailing the Med
Sand cottage
Savuti Bull - Elephant
Savuti leopard
Savuti Marshland Bull
Scarlet Tulips
Scorched to Beauty by the Lord
Self Portrait
Seven Roses in a Vase
Shades of Autumn
Shades of Autumn
Shades of Fall 1
Shades of Fall 2
Sheer Delight
Shells and Hibiscus in vase
Show me the Way - Missing/STOLEN
Show Roses
Silver Bowl & Flowers
Silver Jug and Plums
Small flowers
Soft Florals
Sparse Tranquility
Spiked Flowers
Spirit Flowers
Splash of Colour Nasturtiums
Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers in a Vase
Spring Flowers in Grey Vase
Spring Flowers in Vase
Spring is Here
Spring-Flowers 3
St joseph lillies
St Josephs Lillies with fruit bowls
Steel Flowers
Stil Life With Roses
Still Life
Still Life
Still Life
Still life
Still life - Anthiriums
Still Life 2
Still Life No.1
Still Life No.2
Still Life with apples
Still Life With Day Lillies
Still Life with Fruit & Vase
Still Life with Kweepy Froggy
Still Life with Lemons
Still Life with Pomegranates
Still Life with Quinces
Still Life with Red, White and Yellow Roses
still life with tulips
Stocks in a Porcelain Vase
Strawberry Ripple
Strelitzias in Blue Vase
Stripey Cats
Studio Still Life
Summer Flowers
Summer Mischief
Summer Velvet
Sunflowers and Cats-Tail
Sunflowers and Iris
Sunflowers II
Sunflowers in a Red Interior
Sunny Days
Sunset Sail
Sweet Melody
Sweet Peas
SY Jambo
Table for Two 1
Table for Two 2
Table Mountain
Tea Girl
Tea Roses I
Tea Tray Nasturtiums
Terracotta Vase
The Autumn Vase
The Butler
The Flower Arrangement
The lady of the purple vase
The Poppies In The Vase
The Power of Color
The Red Roses
The Roses and Vase
The Roses In The Vase
The Sacred Vase
The Vase
The Vase Cracks, the Snake Is Flung
The Village in the Hills
Three Proteas
Three Scarlet Yachts
Tim's Flowers
To the Finish
Tranquil Yacht
Tulip Vase
Tulips - STOLEN
Tulips and arums in chinese vase
Tulips and Lilies
Tulips Tied Up
Turquoise Vase
Twighlight Roses I
Twighlight Roses II
Twighlight Roses III
Twighlight Roses IV
Twilight Roses 5
Twilight Roses 6
Two Orange Trees
Two Oranges
Uganda Kob Antelope
Vase and Pear
Vase Filled with Yellow Sunflowers
Vase full of flowers
Vase full of Poppies
Vase full of Poppies
vase of flowers
Vase of Flowers
Vase of Flowers
Vase of Flowers
Vase of Flowers
Vase with pink roses
Vase withRoses
Velvet Elegance
Venetian Glass
View from the Top - Vase 1
Warm Friendship
Warm Welcome
Wharlberg Eagle
White and Blue
White Blooms In Vase
White Daisies
White Daisies With Lemons
White Dog Roses
white flowers
White Flowers
White Flowers
White Flowers in Brass Pot
White flowers with Blue Background
White Kings
White Lily 1
White Lily 2
White Nights
White Poppies in Vase & White Apple
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses in Vase
White Tulips in Vase with Red Apple
White Vase
Wood and Glass
Yacht in Ocean
Yellow Blooms
Yellow Flowers
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses and Grey Vase
Yellow Vase with Flowers
Yesterday's Dream, Tomorrow's Memory
Yorkie and Vase with Flowers
Young Partners - Lions

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