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Still Life Photography Still Has Its Place in the Art World

Pomegranate Plus Halves
Pomegranate Plus Halves
by Reinette Visage
Snail Shell
Snail Shell
by Stefani Ernst
Bay Interior
Bay Interior
by Andre Fourie

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Still life photography, capturing images of inanimate objects, makes sense to photographers and fans of this form of art alike. Art has evolved and come to incorporate technology more and more over the years. What the observer is left with often is a lot of flash and “noise” when it comes to looking at film, music videos, and other forms of art.

Looking at a sample of still life photography gives the person looking at it a much-needed break from all of the other forms of visual art that are competing for their attention. This form of expression is much more than a still life drawing of fruit that most of us are familiar with. Still life photography can encompass just about any object.

For shutterbugs who are learning their craft, deciding to spend some time learning still life photography is a valuable exercise. They can experiment with different lighting and effects without having to worry about the subject getting bored, tired, or changing position.

This type of work is the perfect opportunity for the photographer to experiment and learn about composition in his or her work. Inspiration for your own still life photography can be taken from just about anywhere. Think of how many ads in brochures, catalogs and magazines you see as you go about your daily routine that include inanimate objects. Images of food, house wares, shoes, clothing and other things can give you ideas about how to present an image that is pleasing to the eye.

Take note of how the objects in the image are placed and how different shapes complement each other. Color is an important part of a photographic image, and you will want to look at which ones are used and how they are combined to create a unique look. Texture is another part of still life photography that you want to consider when you are planning your own photographs. This is a way that you can add interest to the images you are shooting.

Getting involved in still life photography gives a photographer the chance to take the time to experiment with adding and removing items from the frame to see what kinds of effects they can achieve. For photographers who want to spend time working with different camera angles and lenses, the still life is a much better way to go than expecting a living subject to sit still for an extended length of time.

Still photography still has a place in the art world, just as much as paintings or sculptures do. Anything that can encourage the public to slow down and take the time to really study and appreciate what they are seeing is worth doing. Not enough people take the time to stop and be still for even a few moments. Whether the still life includes fruit, flowers, or everyday household items, it’s worth studying, even if only to take a break for a few moments in an otherwise busy day.