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10 year democracy
1b Zulu Girls' Head Gear
1c Zulu Girl Big Earrings
1d Zulu Girls' Big Earrings
1f Zulu Girls' Pots
2 Women Grinding Maize Painting
7 St. Stephens Street Cottage
A Beautiful Smile
A New Wife
Addo Elephant Waterhole
African Abstractions
African Child
African Culture
African Dream
African Dreams
African Dreams in Metal 1/1
African face
African Figures
African Harbour
African Hut
African King
African Masks
African Masks
African Masks with Pots Painting
African Pathway
African Patterns 01
African Patterns 02
African Portrait
African Pot and Quince
African Princess
African Queen
African Queen
African Queen - Bronze
African Queen Vivid Nude Pastel
African woman
After the Meeting
After the Rain
All Her Worldly Goods
An Old African Gypsy Man
Ancestral Orb
Ancestral Orb III
Ancient Warrior
Andries (The Stonemason)
Apple Picker
Are you sure?
Aunty Kay's Thatched House
Autumn Creeps In - Leopard
Avocado Seller
Ayoba Cose-up
Bantwane Girl
Beautiful World
Beauty of Youth
Beauty Within
Beer Pots
Bird Lovers
Birdman 3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Birdwoman #2 in Metal 1/1
Birdwoman #2 PRINT
Birdwoman #3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Black Girl With Rooster
Black Vase & Flowers
Blessed Water
Breede River Valley
bruin groot
Buck Head on Wine Barrel
Bush Wacked
Bushman II
Bushman Portrait
Bushman Woman
Busi's Farm 1
But Why?
Buttress Storm - Free State
Cape Cottage with Cat
Cape Town View II
Circle of Life 3 in Metal 1/1- Tribal Sculpture
Cogmanskloof Pass - Montagu
Contemporary Nature
Creative Structure
Daily Joke
Dance of an African Maiden
Dancing Africa
Daughter of Sarah 4
Daughters of Sarah 2
Dawn Crossing - Maun
Devouring Monster
Diamond Miner
Dream Drumming
Dreaming in the Sun
Durban View II
Eagle Swooping - Fish Eagle
Elegance (Xhosa Woman)
Elephant Land
Empty Bowl
Ethnic Pots
etnies 2
Eve: !Kung
Eve: Ndebele Maiden
Eve: Rehoboth Beauty
Eve: Xhosa Maiden
Evening Tide
Explosion of Africa
Fabric of Society
face (01)
face (02)
Face to Face
Family (1/10)
Fertility Doll
Field Worker
Firelight Dance
Fish Eagle
Fish for Supper
Flamenco Dancer
Freedom To Fly
From the River
Fulani Youth
Garden of Eden Ethnic Four Seasons
Geometric Swirls Triptch in Metal
gesigte a
gesigte c
Giraffes Lanscape II
Girl Picking Lilies
Gogo and Daughters
Gogo and the Ancestors
Gossiping Ladies
Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads
Hand Crafted
Happy Dance
Happy Land III
Happy Mother
Harvesting Xhosas
Hawksmoor House
Heavy Load
Hermanus street cleaners
Hilda Triptych
Himba Bride
Himba Woman
Himba Woman 11
Himba Youth
His Glory
Hitching a Ride!
Hlala Phansi
Holy Land II
Home Before Sunset
Homeward bound
Horse Portrait
House Call
Hymn to Her
I Didn't Mean to ...
I dreamed a dream
I dreamed a dream _ 2
I Love My Family
I Love My Sandals
I wish ...
I'm a Bit Shy
Ima (Wait)
In Private
In the Meeting
Jacob TSOMELA_001
Joburg View II
Jug with Flowers
Jumping Dolphin
Kalahari Mother
Kenyan Sisters
Khofi Anan
Khoi Couple
Khoi San Old Woman
Khoi San Woman
Khoi San Woman
Khoi Woman Smoking
King Of Letaba - Kudu Bull
Kungwini Head
Ladies of Africa 01
Ladies of Africa 02
Lady in Red
Land of Abstractions Painting
Land of Light III
Last Light Warmth - leopard
Laughing Xhosa Woman
Let's Make Music
Letaba River - Elephant
Load Bearing
Lonely Nobody
Love Is Strong as Death
Loving it
Lucerne Farm Queenstown
Maasai Herdsman Puzzle
Maasai Patterns
Mabula Male - Buffalo
Malay Woman
Mama Africa
Mama Africa
Market Day
Married Xhosa Woman
Masaai Maiden
Masaai Warrior
Masai Madonna
Masai Mom I
Masks 1 Tribal Painting
Masks 2 Tribal Painting
Melody of Love
Micha Ngwenya
Modern Woman
Mom and Son
Mongolian Innocence
Montagu Inspiration
Moon Dancer
Mopani Kudu
Mother & Daughter' Abstract Painting
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
mother and child
Mother's Care
Mother's Love
Motherhood II
Mozambique People
Mozambiquian Basket Weaver
Music in the Garden
My Favourite Cottage
My Firstborn
My Safe Place
My Village
My Zulu Beer
Naked Smoker
Nata District - Botswana
Ndebele Abstract
Ndebele Girl
Ndebele man
Ndebele woman
Ndebele Woman
Nebby - Sea View Lion
Night Hunt 2 in Metal 1/1
Night Satin
Old Malay Quarter Cape Town
Old Sage
On Reflection ...
On Target - Fish Eagle
Ostrich Dance
Oupa Lappies (Grandpa Rags)
Ovambo Lady
Pandora's Inn, Restronguet, Cornwall
Party Time
Passing the time
Path Stone Wall & Flowers
Patterns in Stone 2 - Abstract Painting
Phororo girls
Phrah, Phrah, Phrah, The Jazz
Pick of the Bunch
Pink Dresscode
Players on the Beach
Plodding Northwards 1
Plodding Northwards 2
Plodding Northwards 3
Pondo Girls
Pondo Pipe Smoker
Portrait - after Irma Stern
Portrait of African Strength
Portrait With Vase and Flowers
Pots for Africa
Pots in Profusion
Rainbow's end, Waterberg
Returning Home Abstract Painting
Rhino and Mt Hangklip
Royal Zulu Bride
Royal Zulu Bridegroom
Rural African Church
Rural Woman at Taxi Rank
Rural Woman with Wheelbarrow
Rustic Pots
Sails in the sunset
Samburu (2)
Samburu Bride
Samburu Girl
Samburu Groom
Samburu Warrior (1)
Samburu Warriors Singing And Making Music
Samburu Woman
San Grandfather
Sarongs in Africa
Savuti Bull - Elephant
Savuti leopard
Savuti Marshland Bull
Selling Fish 2
Shaka Zulu
Shaman Figure
Shesha (Hurry Up)
Show Headdres
Silver Bowl & Flowers
Singing Queens
Smiling Maasai Woman
Soccer in Africa II
Soccer in Africa III
Soccer in Zwelihle
Soccer ma'Africa
Someone Who Has a Long Tail Should N
South African Collage
Spanish Pottery
Sparse Tranquility
Spirit of the dance (print only)
Spirit's Adornment
Spirits of Icons
Squatter camp South Africa
Starving while cooking every day
Stepping Out (1)
Stepping Out (2)
Street Sweepers
Sunday Best
Sunrise Song
Sunset Walk
Sunshining Day
Swazi Girl
Sweet Melodies II
Take Some Fruit
Tema Ro
Thandi smoking
The Battle of Isandlwana (print)
The Busstop at Sunrise
The Cook
The Cradle of Africa
The Decorator
The Fire Within
The Joy of Dance
The King
The Lonely One
The Meeting
The model
The Necklace
The other sister
The Potters
The River Passes Through Abstract
The Simple Life
The Tribesman Abstract Painting
The Village #1 Abstract Painting
The Water Jug
The Widow
Thousand Roses
Three Xhosa Woman
Thula Thula
Tiled Pots
Touch of Love
Township Life
Tradition meets Today
Traditional Huts
Transkei Hut
Twin Pots 01
Twin Pots 02
Two baobabs
Two for the Road
two woman
Two Women #2 in Metal 1/1
Uganda Kob Antelope
Ugandan Boy
Untitled Abstract Painting - set of 2
Urban Sprawl
Venda Women
Village 2 Abstract Painting
Village Life IV
Village Mothers II
Wall of Joy
Wall of Joy
Wall of Joy III
Wall Pots
Water Carrier
Water carrier (2)
We Are Not for Sale
Wedding Guests
Wharlberg Eagle
What About Tomorrow
What if?
White & Gold
Who will buy ???
Wife of the Chief
Woman at Cresta
Woman in an Ochre Blanket
Woman Peacock
Woman Tending Fire
Woman with beads
Woman with Yellow Headscarf
woman's day
Womens Day Celebrations in South Africa
Worlds Apart
Xhosa Doll
Xhosa Enjoying Smoking
Xhosa Lady
Xhosa Lady 1
Xhosa Lady 2
Xhosa Lady 3
Xhosa Smoking Traditional Pipe
Xhosa Smoking Traditional Pipe 2
Young African Boy
Young Hamer Woman
Young Partners - Lions
Young Samburu Initiate (2)
Young Tribal Woman in Metal
Zebra's Love II
Zulu Dancers
Zulu Dancers I
Zulu Girl Ethnic
Zulu Girl with Pot
Zulu Makhoti

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