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African Autumn
Always Forever
Ambivalent Days
Anatomy of Power
Arranged Passion
Beacon of Hope
Buffalo Stare
Buffalo Stare
Call Your Name
Cape Buffalo and Egret
Chobe River Sunset No.4 of 31
Crocodile & Baby
Crocodile & Baby
Desert Storm
Desolate Desert No. 2 of 35
Dhow Mozambique
Dividing Lines
Dragon Peaks Squall No. 4 of 32
Duel of the desert No. 7 of 32
Echoes in Time
Egrets of the Umfolozi No. 5 of 35
Elephant Playtime
Elephant Playtime
Evening in Berlin
Event Horizon
Fabricate the Future
Flowers from Knocktopher
Gale Force
Giraffe Cutie
Giraffe Cutie
Grazing Gaze
Heat, Dust and Dreams
Heaven Alone
In Chrysalis
Indian Ocean Sunrise No. 3 of 35
Into the Namib No. 4 of 35
Last glimpse No. 6 of 30
Last Glimpse No. 7 of 30
Lazy Leopard
Lazy Leopard - Sold Out
Leopard - Like a Lady
Leopard and Paws
Lion - Mr Majestic
Lion Pause
Lion Pause
Lost scenes Lake Kariba No. 5 of 33
Lost Scenes Lake Kariba No. 6 of 33
Loud Ladies
Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30
Lure of the Lakeshore No. 9 of 30
Macua Woman - Mozambique
Margueritas (White Daisies)
Matopo Road No. 3 of 35
Mea Culpa
Meerkat Moxey
Meerkat Moxey - Sold Out
Nelson Mandela
Nomads of the north No.10 of 30
Nomads of the north No.11 of 30
Oryx Reflection
Oryx Reflection
Ostrich Funny Face
Ostrich Funny Face
Remember Me
Requiem of a Dream
Rhino Big Boy
Rhino Big Boy
Rhino Study
Rivals of the river No. 5 of 30
Rivals of the River No. 6 of 30
Ryan Adams
Shadow Magnet
Silent Approval
Solitary Sentry No. 13 of 30
Sovereign Moment
Spoil my Sanctity
Springbok Leap
Springbok Leap
Summer Mischief
Sunflowers and Iris
The Big Five
The Big Five
The Corporate Merger
The Crossing
The great thirst No. 5 of 35
The great thirst No. 6 of 35
The luxury of a kill No. 6 of 33
The Luxury of a Kill No. 7 of 33
The pivot of power No. 3 of 30
The Pivot of Power No. 4 of 30
The Plains of Passage No. 10 of 34
The plains of passage No. 9 of 34
The Right of Territory No. 7 of 35
The Sentinel
The Source of Survival No. 4 of 35
The Survival Line No. 2 of 33
There in Time
Velvet Elegance
Warm Friendship
Waterbuck wanderers No. 2 of 35
Waterbuck Wanderers No. 3 of 35
Wildebeest Rut No. 6 of 35
Zebra Landscape
Zebra Passion
Zebra Passion - Sold Out
Zebra Portrait

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