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A Pile of Chicken
Absence 1
Acacia Tree
An Outdoor Sketch
Another Pile of Chicken
Baboon community
Baby Jane
Ballet Shoes - Orange
Ballet Shoes - Pink
Beach Baby
Beach Kids and Bucket
Bear in Chair
Bird of mother's love
Boy and Girl
Boy Saves Girl
Boys splashing in river
Brother Re-united
Cats and Rabbits
Childish Treasures #1
Cold Comfort
Desert child
Doing hair
Dreaming at the Pond
Dylan and Telulha
Faith in the Midst of Chaos
Family Matters
Fun in the Sun
Fun Lighthouse
Funky Butterfly
Funky Chameleon
Funky Flipper Gold
Girl With Balloons
Go Play Marbles
Going Home From School
Griet: Dancing in the Rain
Happy Boy
Happy Kids
He's my brother
Headache - Kopseer
Horse Portrait
Into the Kingdom like children
Island Playground
Jade and friends
Jellyfish Kids
Karoo Kids
Kids and Geese
kids on the beach
Kids Room
Kieron and Kezma
Killing Time
Laingsberg Children
Laughter - The Best Medicine
Lilies of the Field
Love Glow 3
Love Is In The Air 1
Love Plant 1
Love Plant 2
Loving it
Meditating the Dance
Mother, Sold in museum collection
My First Dog
My Happy Place
New Home
Off to School-Skool Toe
Over The Moon With Love
Over The Moon With Love 2
Owl Love 1
Peaceful Sleep
Playing in the Water
Precious Water
Preparing the net
Reading lesson
Reflected Light
Riding Light
Rosary farm school
Safe Water
Sending Out Love
SET: The Academic Qualified Youth Run to Meet Their Future
SET: The Child's Communication Through Various Languages
SET: The Development of the Baby
SET: The Future Engineer
SET: The future Nature Conservationist
SET: The Future Scientist
SET: The Uncertain Future - Decisions and Choices
Soda introduction
Speed Freaks
Stand Still
Summer Holiday Cederberg
Superram and Lois Lamb
Table Mountain
Teddy Bear Shop 1
Teddy Bear Shop 2
The Age
The Botma Brothers
The Dam
The Time Has Come
Three Bees (3 piece)
Three children picking flowers in veldt
Time Shared
Two Clowns (Set)
Waiting in the Wings
Wave Runners
Where Is the Respect From Children?
Yard 1
Yard 2
Yard, Sierra Leone

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