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2009 Memory of a Vision - Digital
A Mystical Place - Digital
A Namibian Dream - Digital
A Perfect Balance - Digital
African Head I
African Head II
African Head III
African Head IV
African King - Digital
African Tapestry - Digital
African Tapestry- Digital
All the World's a Stage - Digital
Alpha Dragon
Amazon Archer Impression
Amazon Garden
Amazon Woman
Ancient World - Digital
Andromedes Victory
At the Feet of Bacchus/Dionysus
Autumn Dream - Digital
Baobabs - Digital
Beating Hearts
Before the Beginning of Time - Digital
Beneath the Waves - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 1 - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 2
Bird Boy
Birth of Venus (after Cabanel)
Black Madonna 1
Black Madonna 2
Black Madonna 3
Blissful Passions
Celestial Procession - Digital
Circles, Cycles and Seasons- Digital
Contemplation - Digital
Costa del ladies
Dare to Dream
David & Hercules on Holiday
Dragon Ascent
Dragon over Fireplace
Dream a Little Dream
Dream a Little Dream 2
Dream a Little Dream 2
Dream Machine Digital-
Dreaming - Digital
Drowning in the Shadow of the Crimson King
Drowning in the Shadow of the Crimson King
Eden - Digital
Embrace the World - Digital
Emerging Rock
Fata Morgana
First Light (Grid Image)
First Light (Oval Image)
First Light (Star Image)
First Light (Sun Image)
Five Loaves and Two Fishes - Digital
Flower Sellers
Genesis - Digital
Gifts of the Sea - Digital
Glacier Canvas I
Glacier Canvas II
Glacier Canvas III
Golden Muse
Good Time Girls
Half Board
Happy Hour - Digital
Hercules - Digital
Icarus (After Herbert James Draper)
In Balance - Digital
In Memory of the Fallen
In Praise of Creation 1 - Digital
In Praise of Creation 2 - Digital
In the Cave of the Hands
In the Wild - Digital
In Trance
Inspiration - Digital
It Is Written in the Sky I
It Is Written in the Sky ii
It Is Written in the Sky III
It Is Written in the Sky IV
Joyous Moments
Little Darling
Little Green Apples
Little Litany
Lovers - Digital
Makarikari Baobabs - Digital-
Mandleve the Famous Tusker - Digital
Mansa Cut Out
Memories of the Beginning of Time
Memories of When Time Began - Digital
Mermaid III
Moments in a Day
Mountain Raingod - Digital
My Heart Belongs to You
My Heart Your Heart
Mystic Synergy - Digital
Namaqualand in the Spring 2 - Digital
Namaste - Digital
Night Life - Digital
Once Were Angels - Digital
Palimpsest I
Palimpsest II
Palimpsest III
Palimpsest IV
Palimpsest V
Pandora - Digital
Performance Memorabilia - Red Bull Mask
Phoenix - Digital
Queen of the night
Raka's Forest
Ratty Faerie
Red Rhinos at Sundown- Digital
Reflections - Digital
Rhymes and Rhythms
Ruwenzori - Digital
Sea of Tranquility - Digital
Seishin Nishikigoi
Simon of Cyrene Carries the Cross
So You Think This is Easy
Song of Creation
Spanish Loveliness
Spirit of Africa
Spring Flowers - Digital
Staring Endlessly: This Obsession
Still Life with Bird - Digital
Sunset, Moonrise - Digital
Sweet Sweet
The Call of Africa - Digital
The Crystal Desert
The Dream of Peace
The Final Voyage of the Liberated Souls
The Guardian of the Stones 2
The Guardians of the Stones 1
The Infant Hercules
The Kingdom Within - Digital
The Lovers - Version 4
The Magical Voyage of the Old Souls - Digital
The Magus - Digital
The Point of No Return
The Red Chair
The Red Necklace - Digital
The Voyage of the Old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Voyage of the old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Wine Tasting
To Catch a Star - Digital
Todays Blooms
Torii Tree - Digital
Triumph and Defeat - Digital
Triumph and Defeat 2 - Digital
Turquoise Mermaid
Two Hearts One Love
Umfolozi Dawn - Digital
Walking in Namaqualand - Digital
Water Dragon
Welwichia . Namib Desert - Digital
What a Wonderful Day - Digital
When Elephants Fight
When Elephants Fight
When Time Began
XVIII Illusion

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