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Abstract 2
Abstract Cubism
African collection 2
African Dreams in Metal 1/1
African Landscape 1 Abstract
An Elim Window
Arm Lilies
Baboon 1 - Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Baobab Silhouette in Metal 1/1
Blocked In 01
Blocked In 02
Blue Eve Nude Painting
Blue Harp Maiden
Blue Mosaic
Blue Squares
Boxed In Chaos 1
Boxes of Trees
Buffalo 1 Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Butterfly in Reverse
Checked Patterns Tryptch in Metal
Cheeky Squares
Colour Splash 4
copper square
Cor de Rosa Choque
Earth Maiden #2 in Metal 1/1
Elephant - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Ethnic Fire
Exotic Flower
Field of Tulips 2
Full Moon Rising
Fun slower 1
Fun slower 2
Good Company
It's Complicated (Blue)
It's Complicated (Grey)
It's Complicated (Red)
Kneeling Nude 1 in Metal 1/1
Lady & Bird
Leopard - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Lined Up NO1
Lion - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Mandala No.10: Harmony
Mandala No.11: Interference
Mandala No.12: Content
Mandala No.14: Relax
Mandala No.16: Intersect
Mandala No.17: Grief
Mandala No.19: Safe
Mandala No.3: Impact
Mandala No.5: Grow
Mandala No.7: Hope
Mustard Seed
Night Garden
Night Hunt
Nude Resting #2 in Metal 1/1
On the Brink
Optical illusion - sqaure
Orange Squares with Red
Patterns in Moonlight #1
Patterns in Moonlight 2 Abstract
Patterns in Sand 2
Patterns in Stone 2 - Abstract Painting
Perfection Black
Perfection Black and White
Perfection Blue
Perfection Grey
Perfection Red
Perfection Yellow
Piazza Moncalvo
Poppies in Abundance
Profile 1 in Metal 1/1
Profile 2 in Metal 1/1
Red Texture
Rhino - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block
Rose Tree in Moonlight in Metal 1/1
Saint Cloud
Scattered Emotions
Short Street Bistro Magic
Simply Squared
Single 1 (Cancer)
Squares 2
The Get Together
The Pianist
The Player
The River
There's a Hush
Tree and Leaf Abstract
Turmoil within Calmness
Twilight Dance Square - Print
Umber Orange Abstract
What Can I Say?
When she saw the children laughing
White Blooms in Glass Vase
Woman Bathing in Metal 1/1

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