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1955 Buick
A Lazy Afternoon
A New Life
A Study with Trees 2 (series)
A Walk on the Beach
Abbotsdale Hills
Abbotsdale Moonlight
Abbotsdale with Gumtree
Abstract Composition in Copper 1/1
African Landscape 1 Abstract
African Landscape 2 Abstract
Aluminium & Mesh Triangle Panel Picture Frame
Amazing Nature
An Impression of Waalendorp
Angie Has Landed
Autumn Afternoon
Autumn Beauty
Autumn Cottages
Baboon 1 - Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Ballerina & Juggler 2 in Metal
Baobab Tree & Elephant 2 in Metal 1/1
Baobab Tree 1 in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Baobab-Tree of Life 1 in Metal 1/1
Beautiful Cape Town
Beautiful Green Eyes
Birdman 3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Blue and Violet Trees
Blue and White
Blue and Yellow Reflection
Blue Chair & Oranges Vivid Pastel
Blue Tree
Bluegum Trees in Springtime
Botrivier Vineyards
Botrivier Autumn
Broken Window
Buffalo 1 Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Buffalo Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Catch of the Day
Circle of Life 3 in Metal 1/1- Tribal Sculpture
Colourful Nature
Cool it Baby
Cottage Washing
Cottage with Autumn Trees
Cottage with Boat
Cottages Reflecting in Water
Cottages with Trees
Cross Section - Abstract Painting
Dam Cottages
Dam Reflections
Dam Rural Cottage
Dam Sunset
Dam Windmill
Dancing Queen
Dappled Forest - Landscape Painting
Door Green
Dramatic Landscape #3
Earth Forms - Abstract Painting
Fence Flowers Yellow
Fence Poppies
Field Poppies
Fire & Ice #1 Abstract Painting
Fire & Ice 2 Abstract Painting
Fire Bird Abstract Painting
Fisherman's Cottages in the Moonlight
Fisherman's Cottages on the Hill
Fisherman's Cottages with Green Boat
Fishing From the Rocks
Fissures and Fractures 1/1
Flowers in Nature
Green Is My Valley
Haak and Steek Tree
Happiness is a Flower
Hill Billies
Hill Cottages
Hill Cottages
Images Near Old District Six
Just Trees
Karoo afternoon
La Provence 01
la Provence 02
Lady From Emirates
Landscape Beauty with Cloud Cover
Lemons on a Cold Summer's Day
Leopard - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Life is a Dam Breeze with White Trees
Misty Morning
Molten Aluminium & Mesh Mirror Frame
Moon Cottages
Moon Flowers
Moonflowers with green Landscape
Moonflowers with rocks
Moonflowers with Tree Sailboats
Moonflowers with Trees
Moonflowers with two Sailboats
Moonlight Reflections with Trees
Moonlight Windmill
Moonlit Fisherman's Cottages
Mountain Cottage Near Brooke
Mountain View
My Future Dream
Night Hunt
Nude 01
Nude 03
Oh My
On the Rocks
Patterns in Sand 1
Patterns in Stone 2 - Abstract Painting
Quest For Knowledge
Red Boat
Red Flowers in Window
Red Horizon - Dramatic Landscape
red wine
Rhino - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block
River Reflections
Rocky Outcrop Quiver Tree - Landscape Painting
Running Water
Rural Cottage
Sea Cottages
Sea Cottages with Boat
Shed with Red Door
Sleeping Nude in Metal 1/1
Snoek Season
Spring Scene
Springbok Silhouette in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Still Life
Study with Trees 1 (series)
Study with Trees 3 (series)
Study with Trees 4 (series)
Study with Trees 5 (series)
Sunny Spot Amongs the Trees
Sunset Beach
Sunset Near Water
Swartberg Mountains
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain with Resting Red Boat
Taking a Walk on the Beach
The Big Old Baobab in Metal 1/1
The Blocks Graaff Reinette
The Stretch - Nude in Metal 1/1
Threads Triptych Abstract in Metal 1/1
Three Springbok in Metal 1/1
Time to Ponder
Tree of Life 2 in Metal 1/1
Trees at Sunset
Veld Flowers
Veld Flowers on the Hill
View from a Window
Vivid Landscape Painting of Hillside
Warthog 2 Charcoal Sketch
Westcoast Mountains
White Rhino 2 Charcoal Sketch
White Sails
Window Flowers
Yellow and Blue
Yellow Fence Flowers
Young Sunflowers
Zwelitemba Mega City

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