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! Xun
"Great Acts Are Made Up Of Small Deeds" - Lao Tz
"The More We Meditate On Good Thoughts, The Bett
"Those Who Know Contentment Are Rich" -Lao Tzu
"Yesterday Is but Today's Memory and Tomorrow Is
100% ZA - OMO Day
A Art Naive - Dinner Prelude
A Art Naive - Exhibition
A Art Naive - Girl Friends
A Art Naive - Jeffreys Bay 1
A Art Naive - Jeffreys Bay 2
A Art Naive - The Guitarist
A Donkey in Blue and Flowers for You
A Greeting
A Groovy Kind Of Love
A Heart Tangled With Secrets
A Meeting at the Square
A Naive Art - Abstract Dance
A Starry Sky
A time for love
A Very Private Affair
A Village Reflection
A whole lotta love
A Whole Lotta Love
Abstract Flowers
Abundance 1
Abundance 2
Africa - Cooking
Africa - Dancing Girl and Drummer
Africa - Dancing Girls
Africa - Harvesting Maize
Africa - Walking Distance
Africa Weeps for Her Children B
African adventure
African Dream
African Ladies
After the Rain, Western Cape
All My Dreams
All you need is love
Always a Happy Face
always be loving
Anchors Away
Angelic Purity
Annie with Birds
Annie's Garden
Annie's Moon
Arms Wide Open
Art deco flowerlady ...
Art from the heart
Arum Lilies
Arums in Red Lava Pot
Ascot I
Ascot II
At the Seaside
Awaken 1
Awaken 2
Ba-a-asil's Distant Cousin
Baby Boaz
Baby on Pottie
Balancing Benny
Barbarian Feast
Be Happy!
Beautiful Morning
Best Friends
Best Friends at Tea-time
Beyond the Valley
Birthday Party
Black Tulips
Blommetjie Vir U
Blue Angels
Blue Cape
Blue Cape
Blue Carver Board
Blue Diva
Blue Lovers
Blue man 1
Blue Moon
Blue Woman
Bobbing Boat
Bombarded by Love
Bondi Blue
Book Worm
Born free 1
Born Free 2
Born free 3
Boxes of Trees
Brave heart
Bride and Groom
Bright Coloured Hills
bushveld safari ...
Bushveld Wedding
Camel Keeper
Can't Hide My Love
Cape Carnival 1
Cape Carnival 2
Cape Carnival 3
Cape Carnival 4
Cape Flower Sellers
Cape Harbour Scene
Cape Town Festivity
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 1
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 2
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 3
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 4
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 5
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 6
Cape Vineyard Scene
Capture your heart
Cara Kaalvoet (Cara Barefoot)
Carnival Magic
Catch of the day
Catch of the Day
Catching on to love
Celia and friends
chasing seagulls
childhood dreams
Childhood Dreams
Children Flying Kites
Children with Geese
Chubby Charlie
church on the hill
City Duet in Black and White ...
City of Love
Classic Violin ...
Clown 2
Come to the morning market ...
Conquering your heart
Continental Saturn
Copper Cyprus
cottage no 1
cottage no 2
cottage no 3
Cottage On A Hill
cottages 1
cottages and church 2
Country Diptych
Country Landscape
Country Scene
Country Wedding ll
Crazy Faces
Crazy Trumpet
Crazy Violin ...
Cup of daisies
Cycling is Fun
Cypress Landscape
Dame Elizabeth Taylor in Her Early 20s
Dance at the Cape, One of Two
Dance at the Cape, Two of Two
Dankbaar (Sunrise)
Dark Waltz
Debbies Melody
December Morning in Paris
Did You Hear?
Discussions with the Cat
Dixie Chicks
Do not tell the croc
Do Not Tell the Man ...
Doing hair
Doing it for love
Don't Tell the Man that Carries You
Don't Waste Time
Donkey and Me in Harmony ...
Donkeys at Midday
Donkie en Kind
Downtown Budapest
Dream village
Dreaming of Love
Dreaming of the Green
Dreaming of the Statue of Liberty
Duet for Flute and Violin
Duet for Peace and Happiness
duet for violin and french horn ...
Earth Angel
Earth Diva
Eat Pray Love
Egberts Nest
El es deeee
El Matador
Elephant, a Dog and a Chicken
enamel 1 SET 0F 2
enamel 2 SET OF 2
enamel 3 SET OF 2
enamel 4 SET OF 4
Encircled in Love
Even Angels do Ballet
Even Angels do Flamenco
Even Angels Do Pasta
Even Angels go fishing
Even Angels go moonbathing
Fairies Pomegranate 2
Fairy 1
Fairy Moon
Falling in love
farm life
Farm scene
Farm scene 1
farm scenes , SET OF 2
farm scenes 1 SET OF 2
farm scenes 2
farm scenes 3, SET OF 2
Farm Stall Loxton
Fear and Love
Feeding chickens
Feeding chickens
Feeding chickens 1
Fields of Pointilism
First Love
Flamboyants of the Lowveld
Flirting I
Flirting II
Floating on Love
Flower Girl
flower picker
Flower Seller
flower seller scenes SET OF 2
flower sellers 1
Flower sellers 3
Flower sellers 4
flower sellers 5
flower sellers 6
Flowers and Music
flowers for her ...
flowers for him
flowers sellers 2
Flowersellers 01
Fly Me to the Moon
Flying angel
Follow your heart
Forget Me Not
Four Green shoes
Fowl for a Friend
Fred's Ball
Free to Love
Friendly Farm
Friends Forever - (Cancer)
Friendship of Love
Frolicking Frieda
From Dusk till Dawn.
From Paris with Love
Fruit of the Earth
Full Moon
Full Moon Rising
Funky Flipper
Garden of Mushrooms
Genadendal Evening
Genadendal Houses
Getting To Know You
Girl in pink dress
Girl with Fynbos and Bird
Girl with Pots
Girls Feeding Ducks
Gogo and Daughters
Going Shopping
Going to Church
Going to Town
Good morning Mrs Brown
Grandfather's Old Car
Grape harvest 2
Grape harvest 3
grape harvest 4
Great Brak River Mouth
Green Apples
Green Chair of Dreams
Green Flowers 1 LOST//STOLEN
Green Flowers II LOST/STOLEN
Green Mask
Green Nude
Griet in Koppie
Griet: Dancing in the Rain
Growing in the Storm
Happy Duet
Happy Guitar
Happy Kids
Happy Town
harbour scene
harbour scene 2
harbour scene 3
Harbour Scenes
Harolds Harbour
Harvest from the sea
Have a heart
Having a big heart
Having a big heart 2
He Who Once Leaped Must Now Wade Through
Healing love
Healing love 2
Healing love 3 (ambulance)
Heart of Gold
High Tea for Kitty and Me ...
Holding on to love
Holding on to love 2
Home is Where Your Heart is
Home sweet home
Hooked on love
Hoop Play
house on the hill
I Ccould Sing of Your Love Forever
I Give You My Heart
I jUst Called to Say I Love You
I Love a Rainy Day
I Love Coffee
I Love Ponies and Poultry
i love to dance
I Love To Dance
I love You
I Love You Jesus
i love you thïs big
I Love You to the Moon and Back
i love you, Jesus!
I Would Do Anything For Love
I'll Have the S-a-Alad
In Her Footprints
In Love
In the Courtyard of a French Villa
In the distance
In the Garden
innocence of life - 1
innocence of life - 2
Innocence of Life - 3
Innocence of Life - 4
Inside the Cash Store ...
It Is Well
It is Written on My Heart
It's a tough job, but ...
It's Raining In My Heart
Jar of Hearts
Jazz Players
Jerusalem Nights
Joy and music
Joys of life!
Jump for love
Just You and Me
karoo house 1
Karoo Mountains
Karoo Sunset
karoo sunset1
Karoo Village II
Karretjie People Namaqualand
Keep to your roots
King Saul
kitties and Moo (set of 2)
Kitties with flowers
Labour of love
Labour of love 2
Labour of love 3 (Jack Russell)
Lady 1
Lady with a Red Scarf
Lady with butterfly and shoe
Lady with Flowers
Lady with Teapot and Sexy Shoe
Landscape in Blue
Layered Cape Town
Lelaans' Bithday
Lessons in Love
Lessons in Love
Let your love shine
Let's Go ...
Life is a Song. Sing it!
Life Seems to Go Without Effort When We Are Filled with Music
Light in my Tunnel
Like Father, Like Son
Little Bird Whisper in My Ear
Little Chapel 1
Little Chapel 2
Little Girl
Long Walk
Look Before You Leap
looking for love
looking for love
Looking for love
Lost in love
Love at first sight
Love Birds
Love Bug II
Love Comes First
Love Faith Spirit
Love is all around
Love is blind
Love is in the air
Love Is Patient
Love is the answer
Love Letters
Love Letters 2
Love lifts you up
Love My Dog
Love never fails
Love out loud
Love Plant 1
Love Plant 2
Love Plant 3
Love potion
Love will find a way
Low Rider
Lynch Gate
Made with love
Made with Love II
Making love grow
Malvas in trio
Man and Goat
Man Carrying Pig
Man on donkey
Man With Bird
Man with Rake
Mandala No.4: Joy
Mark's House
Maternal instincts
Mermaid for Leila
Merrie olde England
Message of Love
Midnight Magic
Midnight Meandering
Midnight Moon, George
Miriam Makhale
Miss Bunters magical mystery tour
Modern Woman
Moeder en Kind: Special Offer of 5 Silkscreens
Mollys Sunday Best
Mona Lisa and Van Gogh
Monsieur le Froggy
Moon Sun Star Tryptich
Moon Village
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mouse's Picnic
Moving Forward
Mr Mcree
Mrs Mcree
MSP 06
MSP 07
MSP 09
MSP 10
Mushroom Dreamcatcher
Mushroom Fairy
Music and a chicken ...
Music and Love
Music at midnight
Music for the Heart
Music is my first love
My Dreams have Wings
My Happy Place
My heart on a silver platter
Naive Art - After the Storm
Naive Art - Breakout!
Naive Art - Comfort Zone
Naive Art - Fearless!
Naive Art - Gift of Blessings
Naive Art - Italian POW Cross
Naive Art: A Rural Scene
Naive Garden Scene
Namaqualand Where Giants Sleep
Night - Kids
Night - kids 2
Night - kids 4
night journey
Night kids 3
Nose Rider
Not my last Goodbye (Cancer)
Nurture life
Obvious Conclusion
Oh So Devilish
Opera Diva
Orange Cheshire Cat
Orange pickers
Owl Love 1
Owl Love 2
Owl Love 3
P.S i love you
Paint My Love
Patches of Blue II
Patches of Colour
Pea Green Boat
Peace Matches
Peace on my Porch - (Cancer)
Peach Blossoms in Haarlem
Pear Picking Patsy
Pear Shaped
Picking up on love
Picking up on love 2
Pieces of my Heart
pied piper
Pikkewyntjies (set of 2)
Pine Apple Paul
Plaaskombuis ...
Plant Seeds of Happiness
Playful in Black and White ...
Praying Angel
Pre Historic Trinity
Primaeval Treasure: Signed Prints 3
Proteas on Wood - set of 3
Pumpkin Pony
Puppy love
Purple Fields
Purple Moon Burst With Red Chillies
Purple wash lady
Put on Love
Queen Esther
Queen of Hearts
Rain Queen I
Rainbow Nation
Realm of Faery
Red Autumn Leaves
Red Cloud
Red Tree
Roadside Observation
Roadside Observation
Roadside Observation
Robben I
Rooftop Party
Rose in cream 1
rose with inspiration
Rustic Flower
Sadie and Frieda Kahlo
Sadie and the Arum Lilies
Sadie At The Sea
Sadie At The Vineyard Cafe
Sailor Simon
Sand cottage
Scratching Chickens
Sea shells see shells
Self Drive Car Hire
Self Love
Set a Seal Upon My Heart
Setting My Talents Free
Shady Sheeple
Sharing the love
Sheeple in Daisies
Sheeple in Garden
Silent Mind Quiet Heart
Silent Summer
Singing Ladies and a Trumpeter
Single 1 (Cancer)
Six - love
SJC Fishing
So hot A
Solly's Hole in one
Solo French Horn
Solo Trumpet in the City ...
Somebody to Love
Sophie Sangoma
Sowing the seeds of love
Speedy Sheeple
Spring and Winter
Spring Flowers in Grey Vase
Starry Starry Night
Stockings and Daisy
Stockings and Smish
Stop in the Name of Love
Straight to the Heart
Strange Days
Strange Days
Strange days
Street Scene Old Cape Town
summer dream
Summer love
Summer loving
Summer Magic
Summer Outside
Summertime Coctail
Summertime Life Guard
Summertime Phone Call
Summertime Phone Call
Sunflower Child
Sunlight Cleans Everything
Sunny Sunflowerlady
Surfing Cape Town
Sweet Dreams
Sweet heart
Sweet Young Lady at Red Sunset
Sweetheart 2
Swept Away by Love
Table Mountain
Talk about love
Tangerine Dream
Tangerine sunset
Tea Time
Tea-time Alone
Tea-time Outdoors & Poppies
Texture Landscape
The Apple
The art of boredom
The Banner Over Me is Love
The Beach
The Beach 1
The Beach 2
The Beach 3
The Big Fish
The book of love
The Book Of Love 2
The Bread Man
The Builder
The Fkn Cold
The Flying Nun
The Game
The Game of Love
The gift of love
The Hlamb Sandwich
The Hot Air Balloon
The Kite
The Language of Love
The Lemon Cottage
The look of love
The love boat
The love bug
The love dance
The love doctor
The love harvest
The love song
The love story
The Love Walk
The Pale Angel
The Perils of Pauline
The Pleasure of Serenity
The Price of Love
The Queen
The Rhythm of Love
The Showstopping Trio ...
The Sign of Love
The Stained-glass Window at Tea-time
The tree of love
The Village in the Hills
The Visitor
THe voices in my head
The Watermelon Queen
The Way to the Cross. Collection of 1/14
The Way to the Cross. Collection of 10/18
The Way to the Cross. Collection of 11/14
The Way to the Cross. Collection of 12/14
The Way to the Cross. Collection of 13/14
The Way to the Cross. Collection of 5/14
The Way to the Cross. Collection of 6/14
The Way to the Cross. Collection of 9/14
The Wedding
The White House
The Young Artist
Those with Long Tails Should Not ...
Three purple flowers
Three Scarlet Yachts
Three Sisters
three trees
Tiger and Lily ...
To Tame a Dove, All You Need Is Seeds of Love
To the Mind That Is Still
Tobie or not Tobie
Together with Mommy - (Cancer)
Togetherness at the Drive-In
Tomato Sellers
Township Living
Toy Town 1 (Framed)
Treasure of love
Tree of Life
Tree of love
Trio for Trumpet, Violin and Birdsong
Tropical Fantasy
True love
True Love
Tulip Vase
Tulips at the cross
Turkish Delight
Twee Poppies
Two blue Shoes
Two Little Girls
Two Orange Trees
Two Red Boats
Tygerberg Sunset
Unconditional Love
Under the Moon
Under the moon of love
Unlocking your heart
Untitled 7
Up and Down we Go
Upgrade Your Faith to Match Your Destiny
V & A Waterfront Cape Town
vegetable garden
Vegetable picking
Vegetable picking 2
Vegtable garden 5
Vegtable garden 6
Very Little Is Needed to Make a Happy Life
Village Chapel
Village on the Nile
Vintage wedding shoes
violin A
violin B
Violin Duet
Vye Verkoper
Waiting for Justice
Waiting for Service Delivery
Walk in Love
Walk in the Wind
Walkies with Sheldon
Wandering Alone
Wash day
Washing day
Washing day
Washing day 1
Washing day 2
Washing day 3
washing day 4
Washing scenes SET OF 2
Watching love goes by
Welcome My Love
When Elephants Fight
Where is the Love?
White Mask
White Stallion
Wild at Heart
Wings to Mexico
Winning your heart
Wish upon a Star
Woman of Strength in heels and pearls
woman with bananas
Words of love
Wrap Yourself in Love
Xena' Phobia
XLIV Picked
Years May Wrinkle the Skin, but to Give Up. . .
Yellow Flowers
Zehava's Dream

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