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A moment in Time
Abstract 2 in Metal 1/1
Abstract Composition in Metal
African Dreams Abstract Pastel
African Dreams in Metal 1/1
African Landscape #1
African Landscape #2 Abstract
African Landscapes 3 Abstract Painting
African Masks with Pots Painting
African Queen Vivid Nude Pastel
Amy Winehouse
Autumn Hills Landscape Painting
Baboon 1 - Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Ballerina & Juggler #2 in Metal
Baobab in Moonlight 2 in Metal 1/1
Baobab Tree #1 in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Baobab-Tree of Life #1 in Metal 1/1
Beautiful Figs on My Table-SOLD
Beauty In the Dust 1
Beauty In The Dust 2
Beauty Reconsidered
Birdman #2 in Metal 1/1
Birdman #3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Birdwoman #2 in Metal 1/1
Birdwoman #3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Blue Chair & Oranges Vivid Pastel
Blue Enamel Jug
Blue Harp Maiden
Blue Mountains
Buffalo 1 Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Buffalo Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Cape Town City Centre
Cape Town Street Scene
Catch of the Day
Checked Patterns Tryptch in Metal
Checkered Pattern Abstract in Metal
Chillies #1 Painting
Chillies #2 Painting
Circle of Life 3 in Metal - Tribal Sculpture
Compo #5 Abstract in Metal 1/1
Compo #6 Abstract in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Compo #7 Abstract in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Compo 1 & 2 with Lines Abstract in Metal
Composition 1 with Red Abstract in Metal 1/1
Composition 4 & 5 with Red in Metal
Congress Commission Metal Abstract in Metal
Cosmos Flowers
Cross Section Abstract Painting
Daddy's Pride
Dancing Shadows 4 in Metal 1/1
Dappled Forest Landscape Painting
Dear Child ..
Derryn Lester
Dramatic Landscape #3
Earth Forms - Abstract Painting
Earth Maiden #2 in Metal 1/1
Elephant - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Ethnic Pot and Plate Painting
Falling Into in Metal 1/1
Female Figure 1 in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Female Figure 2 in Metal 1/1
Female Figure in Metal 1/1
Fight Club
Fire & Ice #1 Abstract Painting
Fire & Ice #2 Abstract Painting
Fire Bird Abstract Painting
Flight #1 in Metal 1/1
Flight #2 in Metal 1/1
Floral Burst
Graffiti Is Art 3/10
Graffiti Is Art 5/10
Green Finch
Harp Maiden #2 in Metal 1/1
Juvenile African Pied Wagtail
Kalk Bay Seascape
Kalk Bay Seascape
Kneeling Nude 1 in Metal 1/1
Land of Abstractions Painting
Landscape 4 Painting
Landscape Valley In The Cape
Large Patterns in Metal 1/1
Leopard - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Less is Better 4
Little Egret
Madiba Blues
Mallards in France
Masks 1 Tribal Painting
Masks 2 Tribal Painting
Metal Geometric Spirals #2 Sculpture 1/1
Moon Catcher #3 in Metal 1/1
Mother Earth
Mum's Jug in Bloom
Music Angel
My Happy Place
My Wish For You
Night Hunt
Night Hunt 2 in Metal 1/1
Nude Crouching in Metal 1/1
Nude Figure #1 in Metal 1/1
Nude Figure #2 in Metal 1/1
Nude Forms in Metal 1/1
Nude in Metal 1/1
Nude Resting #2 in Metal 1/1
Old Man - Lino Cut Print 1/5
Patterns #6b in Metal 1/1
Patterns 1 in Metal 1/1
Patterns 2 in Metal 1/1
Patterns 4 in Metal 1/1
Patterns 5b in Metal 1/1
Patterns 9 in Metal 1/1
Patterns A in Metal 1/1
Patterns in Moonlight #1
Patterns in Moonlight #2 Abstract
Patterns in Sand 1
Patterns in Sand 2
Patterns in Stone #2 Abstract Painting
Peace Offering
Poppies in the White Vase
Pot Plant
Precious Earth Landscape Painting
Profile 1 in Metal 1/1
Profile 2 in Metal 1/1
Quiver Tree 1 Landscape in Metal Sculpture
Red Horizon Dramatic Landscape
Returning Home Abstract Painting
Rhino - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block
Rocky Outcrop Quiver Tree - Landscape Painting
Rose Tree in Moonlight in Metal 1/1
Seascape And Landscape
Seedpod Abstract Painting
Seedpod in Metal Sculpture1/1
Shooting Daisies
Sleeping Nude in Metal 1/1
Spread Love wherever You Go
Springbok Silhouette in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Table Mountain
Table Mountain Landscape Sunset
Tapestry of Life Landscape
The Ballerina in Metal 1/1
The Big Old Baobab in Metal 1/1
The Dance in Metal 1/1
The Girl With The Persistence Of Memory
The River Passes Through Abstract
The Stretch - Nude in Metal 1/1
The Tribesman Abstract Painting
Threads Triptych Abstract in Metal 1/1
Three Springbok in Metal 1/1
Toddler Playing on the Beach
Toddler Playing on the Beach
Toddler with Blue Bucket
Touch Of A Butterfly
Tree of Life #2 in Metal 1/1
Two Trees in Metal 1/1
Two Trees Silhouette Painting
Untitled Abstract Painting
Untitled Abstract Painting - set of 2
Victorian Floral Bouquet
Vintage Stairway
Vintage Stairway
Vivid Landscape Painting of Hillside
Warthog #2 Charcoal Sketch
White Rhino #2 Charcoal Sketch
Wings to Fly in Metal 1/1
Wishing Well
Woman Bathing in Metal 1/1
Woman with Child 2 in Metal 1/1
Woman with Child in Metal 1/1
Young Tribal Woman in Metal

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