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2 pannel African Abstract
7 St. Stephens Street Cottage
A Moment in Time
A Rose For My Love
A Touch of Class
A Yellow Rose
Abundant Blooms
Addo Elephant Waterhole
After Degas
Amber Roses
And the Fifth Rose is for You
Anita 's Flowers
Arranging Roses
Aunty Kay's Thatched House
Autumn Creeps In - Leopard
Basket of roses
Basket of White Roses
Basket with Roses
Beauty in Age and Youth
Bed of Roses
Belle Rose
Black Roses (Horizontal)
Black Vase & Flowers
Bleeding Heart
Blocks and Roses
Blomme Musiek - Flower Music
Blou Rose in Bloedrivier
Blue Jug with Lemons
Blue Jug With Lemons
Blue Jug with Oranges
Blue Moon
Bowl of flowers
Bowl of Roses
Bowl with Pink Flowers
Breede River Valley
Bright Roses
Bright Roses 2
Bright Roses 3
Buckets of Roses
Buttress Storm - Free State
Camellias in a Glass Vase
Cape Rose
Chinese Peony
Christmas Roses
Chrystal vase and roses ...
Claire's Roses
Cogmanskloof Pass - Montagu
Contemplating Botanicals 1
Copper, Roses and Lemons
Coral Roses
Cottage Roses
Country Roses 2
Cream Roses
Crowning Glory
Cupids Charm
Dark Pink Roses
Dark Romantic Portrait 2
Dawn Crossing - Maun
Dawn Roses
Delft green vase with peonies still life
Delicate Pink Roses
Dirty Old Roses
Don't Stop the Music
Double Delight
Dreamy Pink Roses
Dusk Roses
Eagle Swooping - Fish Eagle
Ebony & Ivory
Eco to the music of the soul
Enamel and Roses
Enamel Sorted Roses
Encircled in Love
Espalier Rose
Essence of Life
Evening Tide
EW 740
EW 741
EW 743
Exhibition Flowers
Fat Lady with Red Roses
Fish Eagle
Five White Roses
Floating Poppy
Floral Bouquet
Floral Burst 1
Floral Burst 2
Floral Burst 3
Floral Tapestry
Flower Arrangement
Flower Power
Flowers for All 2
Flowers for Jenna
Flowers of Joy
For God and Jesus' Glory: From Mom' s Garden
For U Dahling
Four Pink Flowers
Fragile Beauty
Freedom To Fly
Fresh Cut Roses
Fruit and flowers 1
Fruit and Flowers 2
Full Bloom
Full Blown White Roses
Full Blown White Roses
Gentleness 2
gentleness 3
Ginger Cat
Grandma's Roses
Granny's Teapot with Roses
Green Bicycle
Green Pears with Flowers
Green vase with mixed florals
Handful of Love
High Tea
History of Ballet in South Africa - Dulcie Howes
Home & Garden
Hydrangeas and roses
I Hope You Dance
i never promised you a rose garden
Impasto Roses
In the Mood
In The Pink Roses
Interior Still Life
Jenny's Flowers
Joy Unspeakable Rose
Jug of Old Roses
Just Joey
Just Joey
Just Roses
Keeping Winter Out
King Of Letaba - Kudu Bull
Kitchen Scene -Roses
La Vie en Rose
La Vie en Rose
Lady of Roses
Last Light Warmth - leopard
Last of the Bunch 2
Letaba River - Elephant
Liesel (God's Garden)
Life of the Roses
Light on Orange Roses
Lilies of the Field
Lime & Twine
Linen and Lace
Little Vase of Roses
Long Pot with Roses
Love Letters
Love Truth Beauty Triptych
Lucerne Farm Queenstown
Mabula Male - Buffalo
Meditating the Dance
Mello Yello
Mind the Roses
Miniature Mixed Bouquet
Miniature-Roses for Gran
Mixed Flowers
Mixed Roses
Mixed Roses
Mixed Roses with Copper Plate
Moonshine and Roses
Mopani Kudu
More Pink Roses
Morning Roses
Morning Tea
Mother Child and Roses
Mutter Child and Roses
My mood
My time
Namasté / Permission to Be Your Mirror?
Name of the rose
National Trust, Roses
Natural Beauty
Nebby - Sea View Lion
New Roses with Bleeding Heart
Nine Roses
Old English Rose
Old Rose Pink
Old World Charm
On Target - Fish Eagle
Open Rose
Open Roses
orange roses
Orange Roses
orange tulips
Oranges and Roses
Pail of Roses
Pails of Pink Roses
Palette Knife Cerise Roses
Palette Knife Cerise Roses 2
Pam's Rose
Pandora's Inn, Restronguet, Cornwall
Party Dress
Pascal's Bunch
Passion Roses
Path Stone Wall & Flowers
Peace Offering
Peace Splendour
Peach Rose
Peach Rose
Peach Rose
Petite Bouquet - Roses
Peu de Fleurs 1
Pewter Jug with Roses
Pick of the Bunch
Pink Blush
Pink Delight
Pink Delights
Pink Puff
Pink Rose
Pink Rose
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink roses
Pink Roses
Pink roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
pink roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
Pink Roses 1
Pink Roses 1
Pink Roses 1 of 2
Pink Roses 2
Pink Roses 2
Pink Roses 2 of 2
Pink Roses 3
Pink Roses 3
Pink Roses 3/3 Set
Pink roses in a glass vase
Pink Roses in Jug
Pink Roses in Teacup
Pink Roses in Vase
Pink Roses on White b/ground
Playing It Softly
Poppie Still Life
Pots & Blooms 1
Pots & Blooms 2
Pots & Blooms 3
Proteas & Roses
Purple Rose
Purple Rose Burst
Quiet Day at the Market
Quiet Time
Quince and Roses
Rainbow Colours
Raindrop Roses
Red Bouquet 1
Red Bouquet 2
Red Bouquet 3
Red Bouquet 4
Red Bouquet 5
Red Bouquet 6
Red Hibiscus
Red Parade
Red Rose
Red Rose
Red Rose
Red Rose study1
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses
Red Roses & Copper/Rust Flower Pots
Red Roses for a Blue Lady
red roses for a blue lady
Red Roses I
Red Roses II
Red Roses in Pewter Coffee Pot
Red Roses with Candle
Red Triplets
Red, Red Roses
Redemption 1
Rhino and Mt Hangklip
Romantic Roses
Rose 1
Rose and Teacup
Rose Arch
Rose Archway
Rose Bouquet
Rose Bowl
Rose bowl
Rose Bowl
Rose Collection
Rose Compassion
Rose Fabulous
Rose Flush 1
Rose Flush 2
Rose For Her Heart
Rose Garden
Rose Green
Rose in Red
Rose of Elegance
Rose of Elegance 2
Rose of Elegance 3
Rose Pair
Rose Passion 1
Rose Passion 2
Rose Pink
Rose2 (set of 2)
Rosen Restfulness
Roses 1
Roses 1
Roses 4 Tea
Roses A2-2
Roses and Blue
Roses and Copper
Roses and Figs Still Life
Roses and Lilacs
Roses and Lilies, a Study in Sepia Tones
Roses and Queen Anne Lace
Roses and Tulips
Roses and Tulips in Blue Vase
Roses and Vase
Roses are Red
Roses but Never Blue
Roses for All
Roses for Dee
Roses for Louise
Roses for the Deli
Roses for You
Roses for You
Roses for you my love 1
Roses for You My Love 2
Roses for you my love 3
Roses Forever
Roses from Abbotsford
Roses from the South
Roses I
Roses II
Roses in a Glass Pot
Roses in a Glass Vase
Roses in a Jar
Roses in a Teacup
Roses in a Vase
Roses in a Window Sill
Roses in an Antique Teapot
Roses in Bloom
Roses in bloom 2
Roses in Blue Tin
Roses in Bowl
Roses in Copper Vase
Roses in Cut Glass Crystal
Roses in Enamel
Roses in Enamel Bowl
Roses in Enamel Jug
Roses in flowerpot
Roses in Full Bloom
Roses in Full Bloom
Roses in Glass Pot
Roses in Glass Vase
Roses in Pewter Milk Jug
Roses in Pink and White
Roses in Silver Bowl
Roses in teacup
Roses in the Sky 1
Roses in Vase
Roses In Vase
Roses in Vase
Roses in Vase 1
Roses inPpink
Roses on Blue Pot
Roses on Round Table
Roses to Brighten my Day
Roses, Roses All the Way
Rustic Roses
Sadie and Frieda Kahlo
Sadie and the Arum Lilies
Sadie At The Sea
Sadie At The Vineyard Cafe
Sadie In Paris
Santa se rose
Savuti Bull - Elephant
Savuti leopard
Savuti Marshland Bull
Second Melody
Seen Thru the Veil(sold 2006)
Seven Roses in a Vase
Shades of Amber
She was Good (sold 2006)
Sheaves and Roses
Sheer Delight
Show Garden
Show Roses
Side by Side
Silver Bowl & Flowers
Silver Vase with Roses
Skull ad Roses
Small Roses
Small Roses in a Bucket
Smell the Roses
Smell The Roses
Soft Petals
Soft pink rose
Soft Pink Roses
Soft Pink Roses 1
Song of the Wave
Sparse Tranquility
Standing Tall
Stil Life With Roses
Still Life
Still Life on Table With Roses
Still life St Josephs Lilies
Still Life with Pomegranates
Still Life with Red, White and Yellow Roses
Still-life with Pink Flowers
Strawberry Ripple
Strawberry Shake 1
Strawberry Shake 2
Study of Red Rose 2
Summer Roses
Summery Bouquet
Sunlit Rose Garden-print only
Sunnyside Roses
Sweetness Roses
Tea and Roses
Tea Box Arrangement 2
Tea Roses
Teatime Rose
Thanks for the Memories
The Feast
The more the wilting the higher the willing
The Nowhere Inn
The Rose
The Rose Garden
The Rose of Love
The Rose of York
The Roses and Vase
The Still Live
Three Roses
Three Roses
Three Roses with You in Mind
Time Shared
Touches of Gold
Touches of Pink
Trellis Roses
Trio of Roses
Tulips and Roses
Twighlight Roses I
Twighlight Roses II
Twighlight Roses III
Twighlight Roses IV
Twilight Roses 5
Twilight Roses 6
Two baobabs
Two Iceberg Roses
Uganda Kob Antelope
Up Close
Vase with Roses
Veil Series 2
Venus Visiting
Victorian Floral Bouquet
Victorian Lady
Vintage Roses
Vintage Roses
Warm Welcome
Wellington Roses
Wharlberg Eagle
White Blooms in Glass Vase
White Blushing Roses in Mauve Mood
White Bouquet 2
White Bouquet 3
White Dog Roses Diptych
White Room
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses
White roses
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses
White Roses on Blue and Red Background
Wild Fence Flowers
Wild Window Flowers
Winged Glory
Winter's Day in Adderley Street
Woestynrosies - Desert Roses
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses 2
Yellow Roses 5
Yellow Roses and Grey Vase
Yellow Roses in a Vase
Yesterdays dreams
Yorkie and Vase with Flowers
Young Partners - Lions

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