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Overberg fynbos lanscape
3 Stages of Conversation
A Art Naive - Dinner Prelude
A Cherry Bowl
A Conversation
A Forking Teacup
A Moment to Rest
A Pink Party
A Table Set for Apples
A Temporary state of Mind
A Wild Party
Abstract 4
Abstract Vases
African Lullaby
After Breakfast
After Lunch
An Interior - Still Life With Teapot
Annette's Red
Antique Bowl And Pomegranates
Antique Vase with Flowers
Apartheid Sunflowers
Apple and Pear
Apples And Nartjies
Arranging Roses
Arum and Teapot
At My Table - 7 Bananas
At the Kitchen Table
Autumn flowers with Leeloo
Avos and Figs
Beautiful Figs on My Table-SOLD
Between Takes
Big Air Zebra
Blomme in n Vaas Met Pere
Blomme vir Heidi
Blouberg Wonder
Blue Room
Blue Still Life
Blue Table no 2
Bo-Kaap Street with Table Mountain
Book Comes to Life
Books and Flowers
Bowl of Apples on a Red Cloth
Braving The Storm 02
Buckets of Roses
Buon Complianno
Cape Town Beauty
Capsicums on a Round Table
Cat with Nasturtiums 2
Check Tomatoes
Cheese and Wine
Cherries in Copper Bowl
Clue do
Colour and Candles
Comic book heros
Cookies for Tea
Copper dish with plate and fruit
Copper Jug and Oranges
Copper Kettle
Copper Pot
Counrty Kitchen
Daisies with other Flowers and Fruit
Dam Rural Cottage
Daylilies with oranges on white cloth
Delft green vase with peonies still life
Desolate Vase
Dining Room Scene
Dinner for One
Dinner Table
District Six
District Six Street Scene
Earth's Table
Easy Going
Enamel Bowl and Apples
Familie Ete
Farm Kitchen
Feast of friends
Figs and Flowers
Five Hibiscus in Primaries
Floral Harmony
Flowers no 5
Flowers with Shadow
Flying Dutchman
Food on Table
Four Bottles on the Table
Four Cups
Fox hunting
French Floral
Fruit and Drink
Fruit and Tulips
Fruit and Water II
Fruit and Water III
Fruit and Wine I
Fruit for Thought
Fruit in Bowl-Print only
Fruit Pastels #1
Fruit With Melon
Garden scene
Gathering Almonds
Geometrical Florals
Getting To Know You
Girl Waiting
Glencairn to Fishoek
Glorious Strelitzia
Graceful Poppy
Granny's Kitchen
Greed King has doubts
Green Chair
Green Market Square
Green Still Life
Green Table no 3
Green Teacup on Pink Cloth
Hallway Shadows
Having Tea in the Courtyard
Incensed Love
Interior image
Interior Landscape with Roses
Jenny's Flowers
JoY - Bo Kaap
Kappertjies in blou pot
Kitchen Table Still Life with Cat
Kuier Hoekie
lazy afternoon
Lemons in Blue Dish
Leopard Cub
Leopard Up-Close
Let there be Light
Lilies in Enamel Jug
Linen and Lace
Magic Garden
Man Alone
Mandala No.12: Content
Market day 2
Medicine For My Lemon Man
Mexican Ladies at Work
Moms and Tots in the Tea Garden
Moody Cape Town Sunset
Mosaic Table for Lucy II
Mosaic Table Top for Lucy
My bedside vases
My Life ( restaurant scene )
My nostalgia
My Quiet Corner
Nature's Table
Objects of my Desire
Ochre Table no 4
Oh Sweet Time
Old Kettle on Table
Old Pots on Table 3
Old Tin with Daisies
Old Tin with Kappertjies
On My Shelf
On the kitchen table
Oupa on the Stoep
Party of Fruit
Peace my Soul
Pears in Antique Bowl
Pears, Oranges & Pot
Pierneef Mountain Forest
Pin cushions Overberg
Pink Proteas
Pink Roses with Peaches
Pomegranates and Morning Light
Pomegranates nr 2
Pomegranates on Table
Pomegranets nr 1
Poppies On My Table
Pumpkin Patch
Rain Queen I
Red and Yellow Tulips
Red Apple
Red Grapes
Red Poppies
Red Table no I
Roadhouse Sweetheart
Robben I
Rose met granate
Rose on Table
Roses and figs still life
Roses and fruit still life
Roses for Annemarie
Roses in Vase
Roses on Round Table
SACS Art Class
Saint Joseph Lilies, Tulips, apple on a table
Sanets flowers 1
Seven Steps, District Six
Shifting Shadows
Silver Jug and Plums
Silver Lining
Silver on White
SOLD - Pomegranate on the Table -SOLD
Spring Blossoms in A Tin
Stil Life With Cat
Stil Life With Roses
Still Life
Still Life Draping
still life with blue bottles
Still Life With Day Lillies
Still Life with Garlic
Still Life With Pears
Still Life with Pomegranates
Still life with proteas
Still life with two vases
Still Life with White Flowers
Still life01
Storm & Good Hope
Sunflowers in Copper Vase
Sunset Table Bay
Table Art
Table Bay Sunset
Table Decor
table for two
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain After
Table Mountain from Blouberg Strand
Table no 16
Table no 20
Table no 21
Table no 22
Table no 23
Table no 25
Table no 26
Table no 6
Table no 7
Table no 8
Table Setting
Table, Watermelons, Hibiscus & Shells
Tablecloth Clown
Tantallon Castle I
Tantallon Castle II
Tea Time
The Berry Harvest
The Dream
The Evening's End
The Gathering
The Mediterranean Table
The Mother City
The Purple Hat
The Purple Place
The Red Room
The Restaurant
The Sacred Vase
Tin Town
Tin With Pink Proteas
Tin With Pink Proteas
Tin With Pomegranates
Tins And Pomegranates
Tulips and Lilies
Tulips and Pears
Two Pears in Antique Bowl
Upper Wale Street, Cape Town
Vakansie kombuis
Vase and Pear
Vase of Flowers
View of Table Bay from District Six
Wale Street, Malay Quarter
Water Front
Waterfront, Cape Town
Where is my money
White Arum Lilies in A Tin
White Enamel
White Enamel Teapot
White Proteas
White Proteas in a Tin
White Room
Wine and Bread
Wine For Two
Wine Glass with Pumpkins
Wine Tasting Table and Cellar
Wondrous Wonder
Yellow Table and Chairs
Yesterday's Dream, Tomorrow's Memory
You Prepare a Table Before Me
Zebra Couple

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