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12 Dancers and Fire
1a Zulu Girls' Headgear
1b Zulu Girls' Head Gear
1c Zulu Girl Big Earrings
1d Zulu Girls' Big Earrings
1f Zulu Girls' Pots
2 Women Grinding Maize Painting
3 Generations
3 Ndebele ladies
A Child's Perfection
A Point in Time
A Stroll
A Thought in Africa - Print
Abstract Landcsape 2
Africa Mama
Africa's Child
African abstract impasto 3 piece
African Affair ...
African beaded flag
African Beauty
African Beauty
african blaze
African Boy
African Boy Band
African Dance Gathering
African Dreams in Metal 1/1
African Etc1
African Etc2
African Etc3
African Etc4
African Evening
African Grace
African Head
African Journey
African King - Digital
African ladies
African Lady
African Lady
African Lady
African Lady
African Market
African mask 1
African Mask 1
African Mask 1
African mask 10 (set of 2)
African Mask 11
African mask 12 (set of 2)
African mask 13 (set of 2)
African Mask 14 (set of 2)
African mask 15 (set of 2)
African Mask 16
African mask 17 (set of 2)
African mask 18 (set of 2)
African mask 19 (set of 2)
African Mask 2
African Mask 2
African mask 2 (set of 2)
African mask 20 (set of 2)
African Mask 3
African Mask 3
African Mask 3
African Mask 4
African mask 4 (set of 2)
African mask 5 (set of 2)
African Mask 6 (set of 2)
African Mask 7
African Mask 9
African Masks
African Masks
African Masks 2
African Masks with Pots Painting
African Patterns 01
African Patterns 02
African Pot
African Pot
African Pot I
African Pot II
African Pot left detail
African Pots
African Pots
African Pots (set of 2)
African Pottery Masks
African Queen
African Queen
African Queen
African Queen
African Queen
African Red
African Royalty
African Sarongs
African Smile
African Still Life
African stonehenge
African Sunset
African Sunset
African sunset set of 3
African Swaying Woman 1
African Touch
African Tribes: Ndebele
African Tribes: Xhosa
African Tribes: Zulu
African Village Market
African Visions
African Warriors
African Woman
African Woman
African woman
African woman
African Woman
African Woman & Child
African Woman & Children
African Woman & Walking Stick
African Women
African Zulu Work Tools
Air Spirit
Akuba Welcome
Aladdin's Cave
Alisia, little girl from Namaqualand in Railton Swellendam
An Ostrich Woman of Mzantsi
Ancestral Grave I
Ancestral Grave II
Ancient Figurine
And Still I Rise
Arabic Lady
Banana Harvest Before the Storm
Basotho Man Playing Instrument
Basotho Sun Hat
Beaded Beauty
Beaded Bushman Lady
Beadwork at Morgenzon Swellendam
Big Foot, Little Foot
Big Mama with Big Bags
Birdman #2 in Metal 1/1
Birdman #2 PRINT
Birdman 3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Birdwoman #2 in Metal 1/1
Birdwoman #2 PRINT
Birdwoman #3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Bleeding Dawn
Blue African Woman 1
Blue African Woman 2
Blue African Woman 3
Blue silk turban
Bochaba ba Mosotho ke kobo 1
Bochaba ba Mosotho ke kobo 2
Boy Among African Matts
Boy and his Rooster
Broken Calabash
bruin groot
Bum Collection
Bushman Boy with Baby Brother
Bushman Cave
Bushman hands
Bushman Home
Bushman Hunters
Bushman I
Bushman II
Bushman Painting
Bushman Painting Three Mothers Collage
Bushman playing instrument
Bushman San woman
Bushmen at Work
Bushmen Honey Gatherers
Bushmen Hunt
Bushmen Hunt - Print
Bushmen Mother & Child
Bushmen Trackers in Camouflage
Calabash Maiden
Call in the Desert
Cave Painting
Celebrate Africa
Celestial Origin
Chief Buthulezi
Chwebeni Ox on River
Circle of Life 3 in Metal 1/1- Tribal Sculpture
Cleaning Team at Skukuza
Collecting Berries
Colorful Young Woman
Come on! Light Up
Conversation in a Landscape
Cynthia's Place
Damara man
Danakil girl, Ethiopia
Dance for the Unseen
Dance of an African Maiden
Dance, Africa
Dancers in township
Dancing African Drummer Girl
Dancing Africans
Dancing in the rain
Dancing Zulu Girls
Dark Africa
Dawn Dance
Daza Women
Deep Thinker
Dekar women with Fish
Diamond Miner
Diamond Miner
Diamond Miner
Dikwe Child
Do Not Say the Crocodile Has a Lump
Do not speak of a Rhino ...
Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature
Don't Kill the Boer
Donkey Cart
dreaming himba girl
Easter Island
Eland Spirit
Elegance (Xhosa Woman)
English Fans for 2010 S.W. Cup
Ethiopian Figure
Ethiopian Figures in Landscape
Ethnic Dresses 1
Ethnic Dresses 2
Ethnic Dresses 3
Ethnic Pot and Plate Painting
etnies 2
etnies 3
Evening at the Mine
Everyone Watching the Stranger
Expressions 1
Face of Africa
Faces of Africa
Family Life Africa
Family Tree
Farm Valley
Father & Son
father and son at sunset
Feast in the Kraal at Qunu
Female Mat Weaver, KZN
Fertility Doll
Firelight Dance
Fishermen, Cosy Corner-SA
Foo Dogs
Forest Near the Village
Fragments of Africa
Framed African masks
From the River
Fruit Picker
Fruits Of Our Labours
Full Moon on Emerald Sea 2
Gathering wood
gesigte a
gesigte b
gesigte c
Giggling Baby
Girl in a Pink Striped Top
Girl in a White Skirt
Girl in an Orange Dress
Girl Running
Girls Making Food
Goddess in Every Woman
Going Home
Going home
Going Home
Going Home
Golden Shield
Goldminer's Daughter
Gone Shopping
Gonubie Sea Set
gossiping ladies
Graceful Balance
Greeting Feet
Grinding Grain
Gum Boot Dancer
Gumboot Dancers
Harvesting Xhosas
Head of a Girl
Head Present Calabash
Herd in Africa
Herero Woman and Pipe
Herero Women
Himba Beauty 2
Himba Blanket
Himba Carrying Maize
Himba Chief
Himba Comforting
Himba Girl
Himba girl carrying basket
Himba House
Himba man mourning
Himba Mother & Child
himba royalty
Himba Tribal woman
Himba Woman
Himba Woman
Himba Woman
Himba Woman 11
Himba Young Woman
Himba Youth
Hmm, Just Looking
Honey collectors
Hunting Dance
Hunting Dancer
Hunting Dancers (Group)
Hunting Scene I
Ibeji Twin Goddess
In the Township
Indaba Diptych
Indian Face
Indian Lady
Initiate 2
Inkuku in Africa
Inside a spaza
Into the Night
Island Children
Itombazana na Icansi - Print
Josilinah & Kids
Jumpin Jack Flash
Kalahari Drummer
Kangol Hat
Karo Boy, Ethiopia
Karo Girl, Ethiopia
Karo Man, Ethiopia
Karo Woman, Ethiopia
Karoo Farm Worker
Kate Moss
Kaya Cooking
Kelp Harvesting
Khoi San Old Woman
Khoi San Woman
Khoi San Woman
Khoisan Bushman
Khosa Wedding - Attendance in Railton church Swellendam
Khosa Wedding - Bride maids
Khoza Wedding - Family
King's daughters
La Gratitude-Stellenbosh
Lady in the Light
Lady with the Wrinkles
Lesotho Mother
Let's have a party
Life, Birth and the Universe
Living on the Edge
Maasai Initiate - Print
Maasai Man
Maasai Mother & Child
Maasai Mother & Child
Maasai Mountain
Maasai Patterns
Maasai Woman
Maasai Woman with baby
Maasai Women
Macabre Elegance
Maconde Man & Pipe
Maconde man and Pipe
Macua Woman - Mozambique
Maid in Blue Ii
Mambo Africa
Mambo Africa Dawn
Mamma Africa TRIPTYCH
Mamma Africa TRIPTYCH 1
Mamma Africa Triptych 2
Mamma Africa TRIPTYCH 3
Man with Stick
Mango Pickers
Masaai Woman
Masai Herdsman
Masai Magic
Masai Magic
Masai Mom I
Masai Mom II
Masai Mother and Son
Masai Warrior
Masai Warrior RESERVED
Masai Woman
Masai Woman
Mask Set
Masks 1 Tribal Painting
Masks 2 Tribal Painting
Massai Lion Hunter
Massai Woman
Mdumbi Point
Mexican Sisters
Micha Ngwenya
Miniature - Making the Fire
MINIATURE-Spinning in the Sun
Mkosana Biyela
Modern Sangoma
Mogwassi market, Rustenberg
Mokaja with her painting
Mokaja, wife of Tjivari
Moon Catcher 3 in Metal 1/1
Moondancers 1
Moondancers 2
Morning light
Morrocan Lady
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child Africa
Mother and Daughter
Mother Enjoying Pipe
Mother's Love
Mother, Sold in museum collection
Moving House
Mursi girl, Ethiopia
Mursi Woman, Ethiopia
Mursi Woman, Ethiopia
Music Making
N'debele 1
N'debele 2
Naked Smoker
Namib walk
Namibia Locals
Nara Melon Picker
Ndbele Crafter
Ndebele Ancestors Calabash
Ndebele Bird tung
Ndebele Birthday Boy
Ndebele Breast Break
Ndebele bronze rings
Ndebele Brothers
Ndebele dog swing
Ndebele dream
Ndebele Extrols
Ndebele Horn
Ndebele Induna
Ndebele Lady
Ndebele Man
Ndebele Ndzila
Ndebele Pumping Water
Ndebele Queens
Ndebele woman
Ndebele Woman
Ndebele woman
Ndebele Woman 1
Ndebele Woman2
Ndelbele Triplets Stew
Nelson & House
Ngoma Lungundu
Nguni Bull
Night Hunt
Night Hunt 2 in Metal 1/1
no 11
No Place Like Home
Nofanezile - Ndebele girl and baby
Odadewethu Abanculu Ngani
Old African Woman
Old Car Art - and So Life Begins
Old Himba Woman
Old Malay Quarter Cape Town
Old Motgor Car Scrapyard
On Reflection ...
On Top of the World Red
Once We Were Warriors
Orange Carver Board
Out of Africa
Out of Africa Collage
Ovahimba Woman
Oxen on Beach
Party Time
Path To Manhood
Picking Marog
Pink Protea
Pixie Hat
Pokot Maiden
Pondo Pipe Smoker
Portrait Swazi maidens
Portrait: Xhosa Chief, Boardwalk Casino, Port Elizabeth
Portrait: Xhosa Woman for Boardwalk Casino, Port Elizabeth
Portrait: Xhosa Woman, Boardwalk Casino, Port Elizabeth
Pots in Profusion
Pouring Milk
Power of one
Primitive Ambience
Profile with Beads
Python hunter
Queen of the Zulu
Rain Falls on a Leopard's Skin ...
Rainbow Nation I
Rainbow Nation II
Rainbow people
Rastafarian in Sketching Workshop
Red Banjo
Red Heart of Africa
Reed Festival
Resting in the Desert
Return to the land
Rhythm Explosion
Rite of Passage
River God (Nyama Nyama)
Rock Art
Rock Art: Sevilla
Royal Bini Mask
Royal Zulu Bride
Royal Zulu Bridegroom
Rural Life 1
Rural Life 2
Rural Mother and Baby in Pink Cloth
Rural Village
Samburu Woman
san art
San Man
San Rock Art : 3 Dancers
San Woman
sangoma woman
Saturday in Africa
Seated Female
See and talk
Separating Wheat
Shaded relief
Shaman Figure
Shangaan Dancer
Shooting blanks
Shopping Day at Maxixe 2
Shopping Spree
Singing Ladies
Singing Twins
Sisters at work
Skull ad Roses
Skylight on the sea
Slave African Girl
Smiling Maasai Woman
smoke and light
So hot B
Soccer in Soweto
Song on the River
Soulful Harmonies
Southern Sights
Spaza and bus
Spirit of the dance (print only)
Spirit of the Earth
Spirit of the Tokoloshe
Spirit Release of a Karo Warrior
Spiritual Guides
Squaring Up
St Francis Bay Beach
Stern Innocence
Stranded in Africa
Stylish Beauty
Sunday Afternoon
Sunday in Africa
Sunday Morning
Sunrise on the River
Supper Time
Surma Tribe I
Surma tribe II
Surma Tribe III
Surma Tribe IV
Swahili Old Man
Swahili Old Man
Swaying African Woman 2
Swazi Maiden with Fruits
swazi sangoma
symmetry 1
Tactile Experience I
Tactile Experience II
Taming Africa
ten years of democracy
Thatched Huts 2
The African Spanish Dancers
The African Way
The Battle of Isandlwana (print)
The Blue Shack
The Brandberg white Lady
The Celebration
The Clever Piggy
The cosmpolitain maiden
The Couple
The Dance
The Dancer
The Dying Eland - Symbolic
The Essence of Women No 5: Hope
The Gift
The Great Hunter (San Man)
The Hunt
The Induna
The Initiate
The King
The King
The Last Supper
The Last Wilderness
The Last Wilderness
The Magic Pot
The Message
The Old Warrior
The Orange Sellers
The Potter
The Potters
The rainbow gathering
the sesotho maiden
The street child
The Village
The Washer
The Water Bearers
The White African King
The Wise Chief
The Witch Doctor
The Wood Carrier
The xhosa maiden
The Young Warrior
The Young Warrior (African My Land)
The zulu maiden
Thoughts of Africa-1
Three African Ladies
Three Africans
Three donkeys unruly
Three Drummers
Three Fruits and a Lizard
Three Men
Three Walking Mamas
Three Xhosa Woman
Throw Him Away
Tiki Longboard
To the Beat of the Drum
To the River
To Work With a Song
Tonga Pipe
Township Council
Township Girl
Township Girl 2
Township Life
Township Scene
Township Washday
Traditional Dancing
Transkei Ladies
Transkei Warrior
Transkei Woman
Trbal Posers
Treasure Door
Tribal Beauty
Tribal Couple
Tribal Mask
Tribal Skulls
Tribal Skulls
Tribal Skulls
Tribal Woman
Tribal Woman
Trumpet Girl
Turkana Woman
Turkana Woman
Turkana woman From the well
Turkana Woman, Kenya
Two Bushmen
Two Girls
Two King Dancers
Two Little Girls
Two Women #2 in Metal 1/1
Two Women Under an Umbrella
Ugandan Boy
Ukuqala kokuhlakanipha (The begining of wisdom)
Umngazana River Mouth
Union Buildings 1910
united body and soul
Untamed Warrior
Untamed Warrior (detail)
Urban Life
V & A Waterfront
Venda musician playing umrhubhe
vier gesigte blou
Village fires
Visions Into A New Paradigm
Visitor bringing Milk to Tea Party
Vuvuzela Scream for my team
Waiting and wanting
Walking Beach Shop
Warrior Dance
Washing on Tuesday
Water Bearer
Water Carrier
Water carrier (1)
Water carrier (2)
Water Lady
Water or Wine
Watering Hole
Way Home
Wedding Party
What if?
Who will buy ???
Wife of the Chief
Will It Rain For Me?
Woman Check Cloth
Woman Cutting Grass
Woman in Blue Dress
Woman of Africa I
Woman of Africa II
Woman With Basket
Woman With Basket
Women at Work 1
Women Carrying Wood
Women in Conversation
Women of Africa
Work never Done
Working Woman I
Working Woman II
Xhosa African Bride
Xhosa African Bridgegroom
Xhosa Indaba
Xhosa Initiates (Abakwetha)
Xhosa lady
Xhosa living
Xhosa Maiden
Xhosa Man Posing
Xhosa Pride
Xhosa Stickfighters
Xhosa thinker
Xhosa Tribal Lady in Red 1
Xhosa vibes
Xhosa Wedding - Bridesmaid
Xhosa Wedding - Guests
xhosa woman
Xhosa Woman
Xhosa Woman
Xhosa woman
Xhosa Woman & Pipe - Print
Xhosa Woman - Out of the Mist
Xhosa woman smoking a pipe
Xhosa Woman, Boardwalk Casino, Port Elizabeth
Xhosa Women
Xhosa Women Smoking
Xhosa Women Smoking and Child
Xhosas shopping
Xhoza Wedding - Goodbye from Ma
Young Tribal Woman in Metal
Young Woman
Zebu Cattle Herdsman
Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture Drawing
Zulu at Home
Zulu Baskets
Zulu Chief
Zulu Chief
Zulu Dancers
Zulu Girl Ethnic
Zulu Girl with Pot
Zulu Girls
Zulu Hunter
Zulu Lady
ZULU LADY - Print by Jeremy Houghton
Zulu Lady - Print by Jeremy Houghton
Zulu Lady 2
Zulu maiden
Zulu Maiden
Zulu Makhoti
Zulu warrier in the village
Zulu Warrior
Zulu Warrior
Zulu Warrior
Zulu Woman
Zulu Woman

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